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Android phones

Mobile broadband quality in SA tested

A new study by Research ICT Africa is measuring the quality of broadband services in Africa

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600x260 test

Top broadband suburbs in South Africa

Latest Ookla Net Index stats show that two suburbs have average broadband speeds of over 10Mbps

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Department of Communications South Africa (DoC)

The DoC’s miraculous broadband performance

The Department of Communications showed a tremendous broadband performance improvement, but no one can explain where these figures come from

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Akamai state of the Internet

Global Internet connection speeds slowed

Global Internet connection speeds around the world slowed in late 2012, according to a survey released Wednesday

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Digital TV Migration

Broadband the winner in TV migration

The final regulations governing South Africa’s migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television will ultimately make spectrum available for broadband applications.

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Top broadband news of 2012

2012 was a very exciting year for broadband in South Africa, with lower prices and higher speeds

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Getting the broadband you pay for

The latest Ookla Net Index statistics reveal that South Africans are not getting the broadband speeds they are promised

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Broadband government

Regulatory stagnation delays broadband for all

Regulatory stagnation, indecision and misplaced ideologies are some of the reasons why broadband for all will likely remain a pipe dream

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Department of Communications broadband

We will be a player in the telecoms space: DoC

Department of Communications says that it will be a player in the South African telecommunications and broadband market

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Broadband world

The state of broadband in South Africa

A new report from the ITU and UNESCO should set off the alarm bells in terms of broadband in South Africa

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