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Top 10 broadband countries in the world

Fibre now accounts for 25% of all fixed broadband subscriptions; 656.5 million fixed broadband lines worldwide

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A man looks at a Huawei mobile phone as he shops at an electronic market in Shanghai January 22, 2013. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Broadband ban on Huawei stays: Australia

Australia’s new government on Tuesday said Chinese telecoms giant Huawei will remain shut out of bidding to build Australia’s national broadband network

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Satellite broadband

EU telecoms regulator tackles Spain over Telefonica broadband

The European Commission has asked Spanish competition regulator the CNMC to withdraw or amend its proposal to set the prices at which Telefonica can sell broadband services on its network to other companies.

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Mweb Business

Big fibre growth: MWEB Business

MWEB Business experienced over 500 percent growth in its fibre installations in the past year

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broadband speed

Broadband prices in South Africa: 2003 vs 2013

The battle for fast and affordable broadband in South Africa is far from over, but things are moving in the right direction

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Akamai State Of The Internet

SA broadband speeds: the good, the bad and the ugly

A new report revealed some encouraging broadband speed trends in South Africa, but also served as a stark reminder of how poor local speeds are compared to global standards

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ADSL network

Telkom broadband price breakdown – surprising stats

Telkom provided a price breakdown of its ADSL/broadband products, and compared it with international benchmarks

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What is broadband in South Africa?

A version of the reviewed broadband policy will be coming before the end of the year – along with a new definition for “broadband”

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Bandwidth hog

SA’s biggest bandwidth hogs: how they burn through TBs of data

Ever wondered how people can burn through 1,000GB of data per month on their ADSL connection?

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South Africa

The state of broadband in South Africa

A new report reveals that there are now more than 70 countries where over 50% of the population is online

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