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Cell C ChatMore launch

More Cell C 79c ChatMore contract details emerge

Cell C has launched its ChatMore contract, including a number of device deals

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Icasa Okay guy

Icasa messes up network quality report

Icasa’s highly anticipated network quality report was published recently, but the results were not accurate and could not be trusted

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Nashua Mobile app

Autopage bags Nashua Mobile Cell C subscribers

Autopage has entered into a sale agreement with Nashua Mobile to purchase its 65,000 strong Cell C subscriber base for approximately R91.5 million.

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mobile operator punch fight MTN Cell C Vodacom Telkom

Top mobile broadband service in South Africa

MyBroadband’s latest survey reveals which mobile broadband service has the happiest customers

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mobile network size MTN Cell C Vodacom Telkom

Is SA’s mobile network quality good enough?

Mobile operators respond to Icasa’s Quality of Service report which shows that local networks failed many quality tests

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Ttrumpet logo

Ttrumpet: 65c per minute calls in SA

A competitor to VoIP services like Skype and Viber is offering voice calls to any SA number from 65c/minute along with its free VoIP calls

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SA mobile operators

Why Telkom is more expensive than Vodacom, MTN, Cell C

Telkom explains why calls from mobile phones are cheaper than from fixed lines, and why it still has peak and off-peak rates

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MTN We're Guilty

MTN was out for revenge: Cell C

Cell C lodged a complaint against MTN’s advertising, arguing that MTN’s advertising is motivated purely by revenge

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SA mobile operators

SA mobile networks fail quality tests

Icasa’s latest Quality Of Service (QoS) Monitoring Test Reports shows which mobile operator has the best network in South Africa

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Government money pile

ANC did not interfere in R500-million contract: USAASA

The Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa has responded to allegations of corruption recently reported in the Sunday Independent

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