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Google and Microsoft patent feud settled

The patent fight between Microsoft and Google has been settled, the two companies said.

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Top Google search trends in South Africa

The Springboks’ shock opening match in the Rugby World Cup joined tjatjarag citizenry and celebrity mud-slinging matches on social media in dominating South African search trends on Google.

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New Google Chromecast and Chromecast Audio

Google has unveiled its new Chromecast, promising a performance improvement and a new design.

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Google unveils Pixel C Android tablet

Google has unveiled its Pixel C Android tablet at an event in San Francisco.

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Google unveils 5X smartphone

Google has unveiled its 5X smartphone at an event in San Francisco.

Nexus 6P

Google unveils new powerful Nexus 6P smartphone

Google has unveiled its Nexus 6P smartphone at a press event in San Francisco.

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Google AdSense vulnerability revealed

A new paper called “A vulnerability in Google AdSense: Automatic extraction of links to ads” highlights a weakness in the system which makes click fraud possible.


Big fight over paid LTE muscling in on free Wi-Fi spectrum

Qualcomm and US carrier Verizon are getting ready to extend Long Term Evolution technology into the spectrum Wi-Fi uses, despite concerns.


Six easy ways to tell if a story on the Internet is a hoax

Outlined below are six free, simple tools that any curious news reader can use to verify digital media.

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Netflix for books shutting down

Oyster, a subscription service for books, is shutting down – with many of its employees heading to Google.

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Biggest ADSL bandwidth hogs in South Africa

Bandwidth hog

If you think 500GB or 1TB of data use per month is a lot, think again. South Africa’s top broadband users are consuming far more data than ever before.

Facebook and online abuse

computer fail exasperation shock internet twitter facebook

Facebook has agreed to join an international social media task force to help combat online hate in the wake of anti-refugee xenophobia on its pages.

Skarp Laser Razor – forget blades, shave your face with a laser

Skarp Razor

A Kickstarter project wants to do away with razor blades, and have people shave with lasers instead.

How to stop Facebook videos autoplaying and using all your mobile data

Facebook Web

Facebook recently rolled out an autoplaying video feature to users, which sees videos on your timeline automatically start playing.


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