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Play solitaire and tic-tac-toe with Google Search

Internet users can now play solitaire and tic-tac-toe on desktop and in the Google app.

Google Fiber Salt Lake City

Google Fiber now available in 7 US cities

Google has rolled out fibre broadband to Salt Lake City.

Mobile Data

5 easy ways to save data on your smartphone

Google has given 5 things you should do right now to conserve mobile data on your Android device.

Google logo office

Google to punish mobile websites with intrusive pop-up ads

Google said that it will soon start to downgrade the search ranking of mobile websites which have intrusive interstitial ads.

Angry man with cellphone

Robocall Strike Force – fighting automated sales calls

Apple, Google, and Microsoft have joined the Robocall Strike Force to fight automated sales calls in the United States.

Google Chrome

Unlock Chrome OS with a PIN

Google has launched an experimental feature for Chrome OS which allows users to unlock their system using a PIN.

stock market shares

South African tech shares which turned R10,000 into R500,000

Many South African technology companies have experienced exceptional growth, and made many investors very rich, in recent years.

Google logo office

Google developing new operating system: Fuchsia

Google is building a new operating system for embedded devices.

Google Play on Phone

Google Play drops Google+ integration

Google+ is being de-integrated from the Google Play store.


“How to stop coughing” and other popular search questions in South Africa

The top trending questions on Google South Africa this week include “What is bipolar”, “How to stop coughing”, and “How to get rid of stretch marks”.

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Vodacom achieves the impossible


In an amazing turn of events, Vodacom has successfully argued for and against using the term 4G for technologies which do not meet the technical requirements of 4G.

Outlook.com upgrade delayed

Microsoft logo on blue

Microsoft has suggested that its upgrade of Outlook.com has been pushed back until next year.

Opera web sync hack

Opera browser logo

Opera has detected signs of an attack where access was gained to the Opera sync system.

ISPs are teaming up with a torrent site in India

Downloading BitTorrent

To reduce the load on their networks, Internet service providers in India have partnered with TorBox.

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