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IT Money

Telkom home fibre priced as premium service

While no specific pricing is yet available for home fibre, Telkom’s chief operating officer has given some indication of what to expect

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Broadband circuitboard

High-speed broadband against moral standards: religious leader

One of Iran’s highest clerical authorities has stated that high-speed and 3G Internet is “against Sharia” and “against moral standards”

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FNB Internet

Tablet prices: FNB vs cash

Here is how much you will win or lose when you purchase your tablet via FNB instead of buying it cash

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Telkom FTTH

Telkom home fibre launch date set

Telkom plans to launch its fibre-to-the-home service during December 2014

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South Africa slow broadband

Uncapped ADSL throttling and fair use

Is the honeymoon over for ADSL users who download hundreds of Gigabytes of data every month?

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22seven Old Mutual

22seven is now free

Old Mutual-owned personal financial management tool and app, 22seven has announced that it is now available to customers for free.

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Snail slow network cable

Slow ADSL for some Telkom Internet users

Many Telkom Internet service provider users are complaining about poor ADSL performance in KZN

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My MTNChoice

MTN axes contract data prices again

After a major backlash from MTNChoice customers, MTN has dropped its contract data prices once more

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Fibre optic cable cladding

Telkom’s big home fibre plans, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi by the numbers

Sipho Maseko, Telkom’s group CEO, has revealed the company’s progress and targets for fibre-to-the-home and wireless broadband

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IT Money

Cheaper broadband for South Africa: Minister

The Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services has laid out the government’s plans to boost broadband in South Africa

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