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VOIP warning

VoIP warning – you may be charged R25 per MB

MTN is warning customers that they may be charged R25 per MB, and even have their services cancelled, if they use the data network for VoIP calls

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The long walk to R2 per GB

Capped ADSL prices have plummeted to less than R2 per GB, but many people may remember the dark days of 3GB caps and paying R80 per GB for ADSL data

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MTN logo

There is no disconnect in CEO statements: MTN

MTN says there is no disconnect in statements made by MTN CEO Sifiso Dabengwa and MTN SA CEO Zunaid Bulbulia regarding the new call termination regulations

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Apartheid blocked Internet in SA: Zuma

The Presidency’s 20 year review claims that widespread Internet and cellular services in South Africa only became a reality with the dismantling of the apartheid state

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Woza Online

Criminals messing up noble IT project in South Africa

Criminals are already forcing South Africans to live behind electric fences, and they are now messing up a noble IT project aimed at helping small businesses

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Vodacom MTN stepping

Vodacom, MTN now more hated than Telkom: BCX CEO

Vodacom and MTN slated for “holding the country to ransom” and for not doing enough to reduce the cost to communicate

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Afrihost ADSL

Afrihost ADSL price cuts, improved uncapped performance

Afrihost has launched a new capped ADSL promotion, decreasing prices to as low as R2 per GB

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Telkom broadband

ADSL quality blind spot for ISPs

MWEB highlights challenges in troubleshooting ADSL performance problems because of a lack of information from Telkom

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DA spam

DA e-mail spam complaint – the plot thickens

The DA said that a consumer who complained about spam gave them his email voluntarily, but he said it is simply not true

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Free WhatsApp voice service a game changer: MTN CEO

MTN CEO Sifiso Dabengwa said that the impact of a WhatsApp voice service will depend on the quality, availability and cost of the service

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