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Gupta’s ambitious TV plans in South Africa take a hit

The Gupta’s plan to make ANN7 the main source of news in South Africa has taken a hit, the City Press reported.

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Don’t give Telkom R744-million broadband contract without a tender: Vodacom, Cell C

Vodacom and Cell C have reiterated that the government cannot give Telkom a R744-million contract to roll out a broadband network without a tender.

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Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan takes on the Guptas, SABC

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan is taking on the Gupta family, along with the SABC, according to a report in the Sunday Times.

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Wi-Fi and smartphones cause brain cancer – experts respond

On 16 February, Catalyst aired an episode on the ABC titled “Wi-Fried”, claiming that radiation from mobile phones and Wi-Fi may constitute a brain cancer risk.

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Home appliances that use the most electricity

Household appliances are not created equal when it comes to energy consumption – these are the devices which suck the most electricity.


Ransomware – what it is, and how to protect your files from it

What would it mean if you lost all of your personal documents, such as your family photos, research, or business records?

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How long different drugs and alcohol stay in your system

Drugs, including alcohol, can stay in your system for extended periods of time, with hair-based tests able to trace use within the past 90 days.

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Biggest and best tech specials this week

There are big price cuts from local retailers this weekend, including HiFi Corp’s Stock Clearance Sale and Incredible Connection’s Trade In, Upgrade & Save promotion.

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The DA’s big broadband success in the Western Cape

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has said that they have made great progress in enhancing broadband in the province.

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WhatsApp tips and tricks

There are several handy features in WhatsApp which many users do not know exist – here are some of the best tips and tricks.

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