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Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S5, Nokia Lumia 1020, iPhone 5s, BlackBerry z30

Most popular smartphones in South Africa

Effective Measure’s South African Mobile Report reveals the mobile phone brands of choice by South Africa’s Internet users

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Samsung Galaxy S5 press shot

Telkom Samsung Galaxy S5 deals

Telkom Mobile has unveiled its contract deals for the Samsung Galaxy S5

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Google Chrome Safe Browsing malware alert

Most malware-ridden hosts in South Africa

Google’s safe browsing report shows the number of sites in an Autonomous System it has scanned that are serving malware

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Samsung Galaxy S5 rear angle press shot

Samsung Galaxy S5 trade-in deals

Vodacom offers deals that lets you trade in old smartphones for a Samsung Galaxy S5

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How Telkom tried to own the Internet in SA

Telkom fought for full control over the Internet in South Africa, only to be stopped by a fight-back from Internet service providers and other stakeholders

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Massive security bug may leave SA sites vulnerable

A bug in OpenSSL may have left 66% of websites in the world vulnerable to eavesdropping

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PC gaming

South African gamers: fast food, alcohol, and sex

A new survey sheds light on South Africa’s gamers, including their favourite fast foods and which beer brands they prefer

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Movie film downloads BitTorrent iTunes DStv BoxOffice

Most pirated movies through BitTorrent

TorrentFreak’s top 10 pirated movies of the week compared to the legal options South Africans have

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Blame Icasa for high mobile prices

Why aren’t mobile call costs lower? Blame Icasa for not doing its job properly, writes Hilton Tarrant

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Home theatre video on demand download piracy

Movie piracy in SA – a director’s view

Piracy has hit the box office performance of a recently released locally made film, according to the director

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