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Telkom shrink

Cost-cutting at Telkom

Internal communication from the Telkom CFO reveals some details about the company’s plans to curb costs

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Downtime outage offline old computer please stand by screen

How to wipe an ISP off the Net

IS has answered questions about previous downtime on its ADSL network

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Internet Piracy

Would you pay for (legit) series, music and movies?

Challenges and opportunities in the move from ‘mass media’ to ‘my media’

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ADSL ports data cables

ADSL IPC cuts “disappointing”: ISPs

Telkom’s recently announced wholesale price cuts are not enough, according to Internet service providers

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broadband speed

Highest peak broadband speeds in South Africa

The latest MyBroadband speed test statistics reveal which broadband services produced the highest peak speeds

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Samsung vs Apple

Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold Edition announced

Samsung UAE has announced gold-trimmed Samsung Galaxy S4 models

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Incredible Connection

Incredible Connection special price not real: ASA complaint

Consumer lodges successful complaint against Incredible Connection for misleading consumers on special pricing

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Telkom Convergence

Telkom Convergence Killer Deal: Langebaan backlash

Langebaan resident not happy that he cannot get Telkom’s Convergence Killer Deal

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Telkom broadband

New Telkom ADSL speeds and prices

Telkom is increasing the speed of its Resell ADSL products free of charge, which means some consumers will save money on their ADSL bill

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Bandwidth hog

SA’s biggest bandwidth hogs: how they burn through TBs of data

Ever wondered how people can burn through 1,000GB of data per month on their ADSL connection?

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