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broadband speed

Biggest broadband news in 2013

2013 was packed with big broadband developments, including Telkom’s launch of VDSL and free ADSL speed upgrades

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IP telephony: a revolution for structured cabling systems

In today’s networking and cabling industry, the buzzword is IP telephony. Many see it as a major evolutionary step in telecommunications

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Best tweets of 2013

While Twitter has released its list of the most popular tweets of the year, Time has its own lists of the best and worst uses of the network during the year

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Sanral e-tag complaints flood in

Consumers air their grievances about Sanral and its e-toll system, complaining about missing invoices, poor service levels, and incorrect billing

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SABC test signal

SABC censors negative Zuma reports: more allegations

SABC employees have been instructed to not broadcast any reports on calls for President Jacob Zuma to step down, the R2K campaign and SOS Coalition claim

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E-toll money

Sanral vs JPSA: war of words over e-tolls

A war of words between Sanral and the JPSA continued on Tuesday, in the ongoing spat about the payment of e-tolls on Gauteng’s highways.

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Samsung Galaxy Gamepad controller with device mounted

Samsung Galaxy Gamepad: will it come to SA?

It is not yet clear whether Samsung’s new GamePad controller will be available in SA

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Interesting stats about SA’s top websites

Looking past unique visitors and page views, Effective Measure provides interesting insights into South Africa’s website space

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E-toll christmas

JPSA wrong says Sanral: e-toll non-payment is criminal

“Justice Project South Africa has again confused two different legal process; one being the AARTO process and the other the prosecution in terms of the Criminal Procedures Act (CPA)” says Sanral.

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E-toll jail time

Sanral misleading public on e-toll invoice claims: JPSA

Justice Project South Africa says that legally, Sanral must issue an invoice before expecting payment of e-toll fees

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