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Dina Pule at DTT event

Threats, lies and murder plans: Pule conspiracy detailed

Former communications minister Dina Pule has been implicated in a plot to assassinate members of the parliamentary ethics committee: report

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Vodacom cellphone

Most popular apps on Vodacom app store

Vodacom’s app store has been running for two years, offering a range of apps aimed at feature phone and smartphone customers

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Telkom Convergence

Telkom joins MyBroadband

Telkom has joined many other large telecoms players with a company representative on the MyBroadband forums

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Ad-hoc wireless network

New model of wireless networks

A new model of wireless networks that better represents the real world could lead to more robust communications protocols, writes Larry Hardesty from MIT

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OVHD open TV

New free satellite TV in SA boosts local product providers

Free-to-air TV company Sabido, which owns and is backed by HCI and Remgro, plans to launch a new satellite TV service in October this year

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ICASA warns wireless Internet service providers

ICASA has warned wireless Internet service providers not to illegally use the 4 GHz band to offer services

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Faster Internet, designed by computers

Computer-designed algorithms for controlling network congestion yield transmission rates two to three times as high as those designed by humans, writes Larry Hardesty from MIT

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MWEB logo

Beware excessive usage, MWEB warns ADSL users

“We may have to slow down your Internet speeds,” Mweb warns customers

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Dina Pule

Turok assigned bodyguards over Dina Pule investigation

Ben Turok had to be assigned bodyguards due to anonymous threats received while he was leading the probe into axed communications minister Dina Pule

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Telkom’s apology: Too little, too late

The winds of change are sweeping through Telkom, or at least that’s what its leadership would like us to believe. But it might already be too late.

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