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regulations and guidelines

Icasa to tackle e-commerce

Amendments made to the ICASA Act and Electronic Communications Act (ECA) have brought a number of changes to the South African ICT landscape

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How Telkom tried to own the Internet in SA

Telkom fought for full control over the Internet in South Africa, only to be stopped by a fight-back from Internet service providers and other stakeholders

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Blame Icasa for high mobile prices

Why aren’t mobile call costs lower? Blame Icasa for not doing its job properly, writes Hilton Tarrant

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Icasa thanks

Thank you for supporting us: Icasa

Icasa thanks consumers for their support in their high court battle, which found that the regulator messed up

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On Air Radio broadcast

Icasa grants three radio licences

Broadcasting licences have been awarded to three free-to-air commercial radio stations

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Vodacom Shares

Vodacom’s R500 million MTR knock

Vodacom is set to lose around R500 million in revenue in the six months during which Icasa will review its call termination regulations

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Vodacom and Neotel

Vodacom-Neotel deal: spanner in the works

A decision on whether to allocate Neotel’s valuable spectrum to Vodacom is holding up a R5 billion merger deal between the two telecoms companies.

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Icasa Okay guy

The simple truth: Icasa messed up

The recent call termination rate court ruling shows that the regulator’s lack of proper processes has dumped the telecoms space into another period of uncertainty

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Cell C explosive

Cell C warns of higher prices, network concerns

Cell C said that it may have to increase prices if the new call terminations rates do not come into effect

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Icasa puppy Vodacom MTN

Mobile call termination regulations changed again

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa has once again made an urgent amendment to its 2014 call termination regulations

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