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Linux developers – move to Windows 10

Microsoft has called for Linux developers to move to Windows 10, following improvements to the OS.


Skype for Linux gets SMS messages

Users on Linux-based desktop operating systems can now send SMS messages through Skype.

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Linux OS Fedora 25 has arrived

Fedora 25 is now available, following alpha and beta releases of the software.

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The Linux alternative to Windows 10

If you are looking to move from Windows 10 to a secure open-source operating system and don’t want to learn a new interface, BetaNews has suggested you try Linux-based Zorin OS.


Best Windows and Linux laptops to buy instead of the new MacBook Pro

We examine the powerful Windows and Linux laptops which are competing against the new MacBook Pro.


Disappointed Apple fans turn to Ubuntu Linux

Many Apple fans who were disappointed by the new Apple Macbook Pros are moving to Ubuntu Linux laptops.

Adobe resurrects Flash for Linux

Adobe has updated the Linux NPAPI Flash Player, moving it “in sync with the modern release branch” – currently version 23.

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Linux turns 25

The Linux operating system kernel turns 25 years old on 25 August 2016, with the project having grown immensely over the past two decades.

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Linux kernel 4.6 reaches end of life

Those using a GNU/Linux operating system powered by a kernel from the Linux 4.6 branch have been urged to move to Linux kernel 4.7.

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Microsoft brings ChakraCore to Linux and OS X

Microsoft has unveiled the first experimental implementation of ChakraCore interpreter and runtime on Linux and OS X.

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Gumtree South Africa will start listing eBay products in 2017


eBay has outlined a plan to integrate its product listings with its classified sites around the world.

Icasa lays criminal charges against SABC over protest policy

SABC logo black white

Icasa has laid criminal charges against the SABC for failing to adhere to a ruling it made regarding the withdrawal of its “protest policy”, MPs heard on Wednesday.

Uncapped fibre-to-the-home prices: Telkom vs Vodacom

Fibre internet cable

Vodacom and Telkom recently launched new uncapped fibre-to-the-home products – here is how their prices compare.

Pebble officially sells to Fitbit

Pebble Time

Pebble has officially announced that it is being acquired by Fitbit.

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