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Vodacom, MTN reputations take massive knock

Reputation Institute’s latest survey shows that Vodacom and MTN’s reputations are taking a massive beating

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Mobile fight

Cheapest ever mobile call rate in South Africa

Cell C surprised the market when it launched South Africa’s cheapest mobile call rate ever – here is how it compares with competing products

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Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2 prices in South Africa

Vodacom and MTN have revealed their pricing and launch dates for the Sony Xperia Z2

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IT Money

Cheapest prepaid mobile data in South Africa

MTN recently launched its latest Internet packages, but they are far from good value when compared to competing products

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Vodacom Smart 4 mini vs MTN Steppa

MTN Steppa vs Vodafone Smart 4 Mini

Spec sheet showdown between Vodacom and MTN’s affordable Android smartphones

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Telkom planning more mergers, acquisitions

Telkom told unions that it will embark on more mergers, acquisitions, partnerships or consolidation in future

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Mobile Internet

Internet traffic shaping, prioritisation in SA

The Federal Communications Commission in the US dealt Net Neutrality a deadly blow in its new rules related to internet traffic prioritisation

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Cell C explosive

Where are your price cuts, Cell C?

MTN and Vodacom have cut their prepaid call rates to 79c per minute, but “consumer champion” Cell C refuses to comment on why it is not doing the same

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Fixed broadband prices: FTTH vs ADSL

MTN recently announced its first fibre to the home offering – here is how these fibre prices compare to ADSL and VDSL products

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MTN Internet

MTN WeChat CliffCentral unlimited data promotion

It will be possible to stream Gareth Cliff’s new radio show on MTN without paying for the data per Megabyte

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