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Uncapped ADSL – where to get the best deal

Openweb recently re-launched its Titan Uncapped ADSL product range – here is how the prices compare with competing products

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Critical security bug gets SA sites, hosts scrambling

A serious bug in OpenSSL has South African websites and hosting companies scrambling

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Massive security bug may leave SA sites vulnerable

A bug in OpenSSL may have left 66% of websites in the world vulnerable to eavesdropping

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broadband speed

Top broadband speeds in South Africa

The latest MyBroadband speed test server results reveal which broadband services in South Africa have the highest peak speeds

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Shopping centre gets free Wi-Fi

Cedar Square in Gauteng is the latest shopping centre to offer its visitors free Wi-Fi access

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Telkom broadband

ADSL quality blind spot for ISPs

MWEB highlights challenges in troubleshooting ADSL performance problems because of a lack of information from Telkom

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DStv tablet

DStv premium vs 4Mbps uncapped ADSL: prices compared

Over the last 5 years uncapped ADSL prices plummeted, which means that users can enjoy unlimited Internet access for less than a premium pay-TV service

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Mweb national “smart WiFi service” announced

Ruckus Wireless selected for Mweb’s Wi-Fi network

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South African ISPs

Top ADSL ISP in South Africa – survey

The latest MyBroadband survey reveals which ADSL service provider received the best ratings from customers

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MTN Cell C Virgin Mobile Vodacom Telkom Operator white

Best mobile broadband service in South Africa

The latest broadband survey reveals which mobile broadband service in South Africa was rated tops by tech-savvy users

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