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Best mobile data deals in South Africa

Numerous mobile providers are offering subscribers promotional prices on mobile data products. Here are some of the best deals

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Capped ADSL making a comeback

Some Internet Service Providers reported growth in their capped ADSL products, which may show a comeback of capped ADSL

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MWEB website security flaw

A vulnerability in the MWEB online bill viewing system let subscribers see one another’s invoices, and has been fixed

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Paying more for wholesale than retail not cool: ISP

MWEB said that mobile operators’ wholesale data offerings are priced far higher than their retail offerings, ensuring that competition is stifled

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Price vs quality compass index low high

We are forced to lower ADSL quality: ISP

Telkom’s free ADSL speed upgrades have had a significant impact on the quality of ADSL in SA, ISPs say

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Bizarre ADSL IPC pricing, double billing questioned

MWEB asks the regulator to intervene in Telkom’s “prohibitive” ADSL IPC pricing, and also to stop ‘double billing’ from Telkom on ADSL

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Free WiFi spot

MWEB free Fon WiFi at 2,000 hotspots in SA

Over 2,000 Fon Wi-Fi hotspots are active in South Africa already, Mweb has annunced

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Telkom ADSL IPC price cuts simply not enough: ISPs

South Africa’s largest ISPs are not entirely happy with Telkom’s latest wholesale ADSL price cuts

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Telkom may face CompCom investigation over uncapped ADSL

ISPs have agreed to back down on a threat to lodge a new complaint against Telkom with the Competition Commission under certain conditions

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Hot deal

Cool ADSL deals in early 2014

2014 is in full swing, and it may be good to look at some of the best ADSL deals available to consumers

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