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South Africa ISPs

Best uncapped ADSL deals in South Africa

Afrihost recently unveiled its new Home Uncapped ADSL products – here is how its pricing compares with competing ISPs.

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MWEB slashes fibre-to-the-home prices

MWEB FTTH subscribers in Vumatel areas will soon get cheaper prices and higher caps.

Internet piracy

This is when SA’s ISPs hand over the private information of pirates

We look at whether Internet service providers in South Africa have ever handed over subscriber information because of a copyright infringement investigation.

South Africa ISPs

Best capped ADSL prices in South Africa

Afrihost and Webafrica recently lowered their capped ADSL prices – here is how they compare to SA’s best competing deals.

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Here is what South Africa’s ADSL networks look like

MyBroadband compares the ADSL networks of South Africa’s top Internet service providers on their national and international connectivity and redundancy.

South Africa ISPs

Will South African ADSL ISPs block torrents and piracy websites?

This is what South African ISPs had to say about the prospect of blocking access to piracy sites and torrents.

South Africa ISPs

What your ADSL ISP knows about what you do online

The UK government announced it will push for a law to force ISPs to store a record of their subscribers’ web browsing history for a year. Here is what’s happening in SA.


Tough job interview questions asked by technology companies

If you are applying for a job at a technology company, you may face some of these tough and unique interview questions.


Strange and humble first jobs of South Africa’s top tech CEOs

Many of SA’s top telecommunications and technology CEOs had surprisingly humble, and sometimes strange, first jobs. Here is what they did, and how much they got paid.

South Africa ISPs

Best business uncapped ADSL deals in South Africa

Telkom recently cut the price of its uncapped ADSL and VDSL business products. Here is how they stack up against competing services.

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#DataMustFall mobile prices misleading

Mobile operators Telkom MTN Vodacom Cell C MTN

#DataMustFall activists have misled the South African public and media with the figures they presented regarding mobile data prices.

#OpenOurUniversities – Stop the destructive student protests


The DA has launched a petition to fight against the small group of students who use destruction and violence to keep university campuses shut at all costs.

The Western Cape wants to introduce car starting breathalysers

car breathalyser

The Alcohol Harms Reduction Green Paper from the Western Cape Government suggests introducing alcohol-detecting ignition interlocks.

Amazon Prime Video with Jeremy Clarkson’s new car show to launch in South Africa

The Grand Tour Clarkson Hammond May

Amazon will be bringing its Prime Video service to South Africa along with The Grand Tour.

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