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MTN Cell C Vodacom

Hollow victory for MTN, Vodacom in termination battle

The High Court has ruled that Icasa’s 2014 call termination regulations are unlawful, but the new termination rates will still kick in tomorrow

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HTC One M8 rear Duo Camera array press shot

HTC One M8 confirmed for South Africa

Vodacom has said that it will carry the HTC One M8

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SA prices from 2004 to 2014: broadband vs petrol vs DStv vs Big Mac

While ADSL and mobile data prices plummeted over the last decade, other prices increased significantly

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Cell C explosive

Cell C warns of higher prices, network concerns

Cell C said that it may have to increase prices if the new call terminations rates do not come into effect

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Vodacom and Neotel

Should Vodacom be allowed to buy Neotel?

Is regulation going to stifle whatever chance we have of competition to Telkom?

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Icasa puppy Vodacom MTN

Mobile call termination regulations changed again

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa has once again made an urgent amendment to its 2014 call termination regulations

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Mobile phone maze

Mobile price maze in South Africa

Trying to make sense of cellular prices in South Africa is time you could rather spend unravelling the mysteries of the universe

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Great South African inventions

South Africans are behind many cool inventions, which are often inspired by necessity rather than making money

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regulations and guidelines

Icasa, Cell C warn of unregulated call rates

A lack of regulation in the mobile network market would likely harm consumers, the High Court in Johannesburg heard on Wednesday.

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MTN Vodacom Icasa pressure

Vodacom, MTN preventing drastic price cuts: Cell C

Cell C says that the new mobile termination rates will allow it to cut call rates to 79c per minute, but Vodacom and MTN are fighting against these new rates

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