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Vodacom Shares

Vodacom Red for Business launched

Vodacom has launched new “Red for Business” products, offering “loads of data, voice minutes, and unlimited SMSs”

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Vodacom cheap phone 1

Vodacom Smart Kicka selling like hotcakes

Vodacom has revealed how many of its branded Kicka smartphones it has sold since launch

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Vodacom Africa

Vodacom’s big broadband network growth

Vodacom spent over R4 billion in six months to grow its mobile data network, which includes doubling the number of LTE sites

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Vodacom cheap phone 1

Vodacom – lower data prices, strong growth

Vodacom said that it has reduced the effective price of data by 30%, and has seen a big increase in the amount of data used

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iBurst for sale

iBurst back in broadband play

Despite serious questions about its deal with Icasa, iBurst owner WBS remains hot property

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Sony Xperia Z3 with control mount

Sony Xperia Z3 contract prices for South Africa

Vodacom and MTN have revealed their pricing for the Sony Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact

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Surprise Phone Bill Hader

Cheap voice call promotions in South Africa

Of the many cheaper pre-paid calling promotions launched this year, only Cell C has let its expire

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Parkview Residents Association

Parkview FTTH project chooses Dark Fibre Africa

Parkview has announced that it has selected Dark Fibre Africa to build the fibre network for its neighbourhood

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SA mobile operators

Not just Vodacom: other networks pass your number to trusted third-parties too

But only Vodacom uses header modification

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Android smartphone battery draining fast? This may have been why

Cell C said it has resolved an issue involving its network and “GPSD” consuming a lot of battery power on Android devices

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