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Bandwidth hog

Biggest ADSL downloaders in South Africa

ISPs are fighting back against bandwidth hogs, which they say are negatively impacting on their networks and hurting the experience of fellow users

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Web Africa

Downloading 1TB in 36 hours using Web Africa DSL

After Web Africa launched its free 50TB after-hours data promotion, the biggest downloaders showed just how much data they could burn through

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broadband speed

Telkom ADSL speed upgrade: cautious optimism

South African Internet service providers weigh in on Telkom’s possible ADSL speed upgrades

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Web Africa

50TB of free ADSL data for each user

Web Africa is giving all their capped ADSL users 50 terabytes of free “Download Plus” ADSL data in August, and the biggest downloader will win a Macbook Air

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DSL cut cord

ADSL vs Mobile broadband prices in SA

There are cases where mobile broadband can be cheaper and faster than DSL in South Africa. At what point is DSL worth it?

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Google South Africa

Google outage in South Africa explained

Web Africa has explained yesterday’s brief outage that affected some SA Internet users’ ability to access Google

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South African ISPs

Uncapped ADSL bundle prices compared

Telkom Internet’s uncapped ADSL bundle prices will increase next month – here is how they stack up against other ISPs

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Web Africa

Web Africa Virtual Private Hosting from R699

Web Africa has launched its Managed (cPanel) Virtual Private Hosting offering, giving customers virtual servers at reduced costs

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South Africa Internet Broadband ADSL

Cheapest uncapped ADSL prices in SA

Telkom will change its uncapped ADSL prices next month – here is how they stack up against competing products

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Web Africa

Free 100GB of ADSL data

Web Africa is giving all its capped ADSL subscribers 50GB of free anytime data in June and July

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How Twitter will turn the tables on trolls


Those suffering abuse, threats, or generally unpleasant behaviour on Twitter – of which is there is much – may welcome Zero Trollerance, an initiative that aims to tackle trolls.

E-tolls could have been much worse: report

e-toll fear

Had it not been for Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa putting his foot down, City Press reports, Gauteng E-toll users would have been paying much more.

Government hiding nuclear power plant costs: Earthlife Africa

Nuclear Power

Nuclear critic Earthlife Africa argues that South Africa’s new power plants are another arms deal scandal waiting to happen

Eskom load shedding: 24 May 2015

Stage 1 load shedding Eskom

Eskom announced on Sunday that it will implement stage 1 load shedding from 07:00 to 22:00


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