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Telkom fixed line

Telkom line rental prices: 2002 to 2015

Telkom subscribers had to pay more for their line rental from 1 August 2014. Here is how prices have changed from 2002 to now

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Telkom local loop unbundling stalling and FTTH: the silver lining

Though local loop unbundling would have been great, Telkom’s stalling might end up being good for South Africa in the long term

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Sipho Maseko

Telkom’s launch of FTTH, LTE-A, and other highlights in 2014

Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko shares his highlights of the year, and says what his biggest worries are in the local telecommunications space

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Copper pairs

Avoid confusion and anger – let’s abolish line rental

Why, in a world that is increasingly mobile-first – or even mobile-only – are we still paying so much for landlines?

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Telkom call centre staff purge: “We can handle call volumes”

Call centre staff whose contracts weren’t renewed for next year were told to leave the Telkom building months before their contracts expired

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South Park cable companies

Fibre in SA: are we headed for regional monopolies?

International technology websites are full of complaints about cable Internet providers in the United States, and one can’t help but wonder if South Africa is heading the same way

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Icasa is leaderless and clueless: councillor

Joseph Lebooa, who was “assaulted” for doing his job, says a leadership gap stops the authority from resolving professional and structural matters

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Biggest South African tech stories of 2014

2014 was an exciting year in the South African IT and telecommunications market – here are some of the biggest stories from the past twelve months

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Telkom CWU

Telkom call centre dispute looms

The Communication Workers Union will be fighting Telkom’s decision not to renew the contracts of 480 call centre agents

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New draft radio spectrum regulations released

Icasa has issue revised draft radio frequency spectrum regulations for public comment

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