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Fibre optic cable cladding

New cable system to connect Africa with Brazil

Angola Cables has announced that it will build the world’s first submarine cable system across the South Atlantic ocean

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Telkom's new brand

Telkom Unlimited Lite for R599

Telkom has launched new Unlimited Lite packages, offering unlimited calling on Telkom’s mobile and fixed-line networks

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VoIP: The good, the bad and the ugly

I think of a dusty town, where tumbleweeds roll and the incumbent operators squint into the distance with the echo of Ennio Morricone in their ears. VoIP has come to town.

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SA unemployment

Cell C, MTN, Telkom retrenchments update

Trade union Solidarity says that the placement process concerning 104 Telkom employees, who received retrenchment notices on 1 October, has been finalised.

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Telkom's new brand

Telkom load shedding network warning

Telkom has warned that its services will be affected by Eskom’s load shedding schedule

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VOIP warning

VoIP fraud explained

VoIP is about convergence, saving money and resources. However, these types of systems also create more inroads for attack

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How ANC municipality nearly stopped fibre broadband rollout

The Msunduzi Municipality spent lots of resources, including on legal battles, to try to stop fibre network rollouts in Pietermaritzburg

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iBurst for sale

iBurst bidder revealed: report

Convergence technology company Multisource has reportedly made an offer to acquire iBurst parent company, Wireless Business Solutions (WBS)

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Thief crowbar sabotage vandalism

Beware criminals posing as Telkom techs

Telkom has warned of criminals posing as its technicians to get into people’s homes

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Telkom faces retrenchment dispute

Trade union Solidarity has declared a dispute with Telkom regarding the telecom giant’s section 189 retrenchment process.

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