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2015 a big year for wireless in SA: Wapa

The Wireless Access Providers’ Association has stuck out its neck and made some predictions for 2015

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Free voice calls, movie streaming on Tshwane Wi-Fi network

The City of Tshwane is set to launch movie streaming and a free voice over IP service on its Wi-Fi network

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South African Wi-Fi hotspots

South Africa’s Wi-Fi versus the world

A new study shows how South Africa’s Wi-Fi access compares against global standards

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Vox YahClick for farmers in SKA radio-quiet zone

The Square Kilometre Array and Vox have announced a partnership to provide voice and data services

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10GB Wi-Fi data for R29 deal

AlwaysOn Wi-Fi has launched a holiday promotion, offering 10GB of Wi-Fi data per month for R29

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Free WiFi spot

More free Wi-Fi for Cape Town

Orange says it is planning the imminent launch of its new Orange Wi-Fi service in South Africa, in partnership with the City of Cape Town

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Radiation Brain Cellphone

Wi-Fi, cellular radiation fears lead to divorce: report

A Cape Town businessman is divorcing his wife because of her massive fear of Wi-Fi and cellular radiation

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Wi-Fi power glowing in the palm of your hand

How much free Wi-Fi is enough?

Access to free Wi-Fi is non-negotiable for travellers these days, but hoteliers constantly grapple with the question of how much is enough

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IMT roadmap: ICASA shows it can do the job

Within two days of the closing date for submissions commenting on the draft IMT roadmap, ICASA issued the schedule of public hearings

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Samsung hits 7.5Gbps with 5G tech

Samsung has achieved a 7.5Gbps speed record and a first-ever, uninterrupted, 1.2Gbps 5G connection while travelling at 100km/h

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