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City of Tshwane wifi

Tshwane Wi-Fi wins international award

The City of Tshwane has received international recognition at the World Wi-Fi Day Awards for Most Innovative City or Government Program to bridge the Digital Divide.

Wi-Fi router

Faster, better Wi-Fi is coming

The Wi-Fi Alliance industry group has started certifying products that can deliver multi-gigabit speeds and improved coverage.

Fibre internet cable

Comsol launches open-access high-speed network in South Africa

Comsol has launched Comsol Fibre Connect, which it states is South Africa’s “first and only nationwide open-access high-speed carrier-grade data network”.

Wi-Fi calling

Cape Town vs Pretoria – Wi-Fi roll-out plans

Radical differences in strategy drive two large roll-outs of Wi-Fi internet access in South Africa.

Wi-Fi Router

Best ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal at home

Here are the best ways to ensure your home’s Wi-Fi connection is at maximum strength.

5G Network

US planning for 5G, while South Africa still waiting for 4G/LTE spectrum

While the United States is planning to open spectrum for 5G networks, South African operators are still waiting for 4G/LTE spectrum.

AlwaysOn Seamless Wifi

Free public Wi-Fi is too expensive for South Africa

Wi-Fi internet access is too expensive for it to be free to South Africans, says a national provider.

Poynting OMNI 291

South African 4G/Wi-Fi antenna to be used at Olympic Games

The OMNI 291 high-gain, multi-band, omnidirectional Marine and Coastal Antenna from Poynting will be used at the 2016 Olympic Games.


Free Wi-Fi on Cape Town MyCiTi buses

MyCiTi has launched a free Wi-Fi pilot on its buses in Cape Town.

Google logo on blackboard

Google planning to replace fibre with 1Gbps wireless tech

Google is planning to use wireless technology to replace last-mile fibre.

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