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Telkom Business launches Pocket Wi-Fi

Telkom Business has launched an international mobile Wi-Fi product called Pocket Wi-Fi.


Li-Fi is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi

Oledcomm has demonstrated its Li-Fi technology at Mobile World Congress 2016, with speeds of over 200Gbps possible.

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Samsung multi-gigabit 5G tech streams 4K 360-degree video

Samsung has demonstrated its high-frequency 5G tech with Verizon and Deutsche Telekom.

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5G telematics technology for cars from LG and Intel

LG and Intel are collaborating to develop and pilot 5G-based telematics technology, the next generation of wireless technology for cars.

Smartphone reaction

Wi-Fi and smartphones cause brain cancer – experts respond

On 16 February, Catalyst aired an episode on the ABC titled “Wi-Fried”, claiming that radiation from mobile phones and Wi-Fi may constitute a brain cancer risk.

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AlwaysOn vouchers: R199.00 for 10GB of Wi-Fi hotspot data

Pick n Pay and AlwaysOn Wi-Fi have partnered to deliver a cash-based payment option with AlwaysOn vouchers

5G Network

5G trials will start in 2016, with gigabit speeds

AT&T has unveiled its 5G roadmap, which includes trials in collaboration with Ericsson and Intel in 2016.

Facebook Web

Facebook developing radio wave mesh technology

Facebook is developing a radio mesh technology to connect poor and rural communities as part of its Internet.org initiative.

5g text technology

Get ready for a faster world with 5G

The evolution of wireless connectivity is probably the biggest success story of our time, and South Africa is not insulated from this.

Wi-FI boosters

How to boost your Wi-Fi signal at home

If you are looking to boost your Wi-Fi signal at home, Interesting Engineering has a solution for you.

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