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Scientists twist radio beams to send data at 32Gbps

Scientists have developed a “twisted light” technique with radiowaves, reaching high speeds without some of the hassles that go with optical systems

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Mweb Business

MWEB Business launches affordable uncapped VSAT

MWEB Business has launched a suite of uncapped satellite connectivity products

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3.8Gbps LTE speed achieved

Nokia and SK Telecom have set a new world record for LTE with a throughput of 3.8Gbps using TDD-FDD carrier aggregation

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Crucial broadband spectrum in SA: wait some more

South Africa’s Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services talks about South Africa’s spectrum capacity problems

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Wi-Fi wireless symbol

Free Wi-Fi in Western Cape suburbs

Two Western Cape suburbs will start to benefit from free Wi-Fi through Project Isizwe this month

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Icasa Iburst

WBS spectrum issues secretly settled: DA

The Democratic Alliance Shadow Minister of Telecommunications and Postal Services has raised questions about Icasa’s secret council meetings

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Wi-Fi power glowing in the palm of your hand

R1 per GB Wi-Fi deal

AlwaysOn’s Internetix special offers 252GB of Wi-Fi access spread over 12 months, for a once-off price of R252

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Project Isizwe

Gumtree joins free Wi-Fi project

Gumtree has partnered with Project Isizwe to bring free Wi-Fi to communities across South Africa

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Free Wi-Fi at SA airports

Acsa now offers limited free Wi-Fi access at airports around the country

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Mweb logo

Free MWEB WiFi in Durban

MWEB, has launched a free WiFi ‘zone’ in Florida Road, Durban, its first WiFi activated high street.

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