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ICASA logo on glass

iBurst spectrum transfer to Multisource conditions

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa has revealed the conditions under which Multisource will receive iBurst’s frequency spectrum.

Multisource logo

South Africa may get a new LTE operator

Multisource’s acquisition of Wireless Business Solutions gives the company the resources to roll out an LTE network.

Free Wi-Fi Zone

Where you can find Joburg’s free Wi-Fi hotspots

The City of Johannesburg recently published a list of where you can find it’s Wi-Fi hotspots.

Free Wi-Fi Zone

Tshwane’s free Wi-Fi reaches 1 million users

The City of Tshwane’s free Wi-Fi programme hit a milestone of one million unique devices on Wednesday.

5G Network

5G tested in large-scale field trial, with 3.6Gbps peak speed

A Huawei and Docomo collaboration resulted in the world’s first successful large-scale field trial of 5G radio access technology.

Free Wi-Fi Zone

Free Wi-Fi in Joburg grows

The City of Joburg’s free Wi-Fi network has expanded to Soweto, and will be extended further.

Telkom logo phone in hand

Free Telkom Wi-Fi for everyone going strong

Telkom is promoting its free Wi-Fi access to all South Africans as part of its summer campaign.


Big fight over paid LTE muscling in on free Wi-Fi spectrum

Qualcomm and US carrier Verizon are getting ready to extend Long Term Evolution technology into the spectrum Wi-Fi uses, despite concerns.

Wi-Fi router

5 ways to make your Wi-Fi faster

Here’s how you can improve your Wi-Fi setup at your home or office.

Wi-Fi power glowing in the palm of your hand

Can you be allergic to your Wi-Fi?

Electromagnetic fields are all around us, and the question often asked is what does all of this exposure mean for our health?

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