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Our president spent 10 years in jail there for our freedoms S&B 404381_335081689869708_168892509821961_1078888_560045634_n.jpg
Eish that's bad. Poor dog. Mine was attacked by a swarm of bees. Only a few stings on his ears thoug... DSC00489_800x600_.jpg
Not even Twilight fans deserve the dreaded vuvuzela insanity_wolf_of_the_day.jpg
Where is that? ourlocation.jpg
Quick pull the plug to escape.... batman1.jpg
shoot the odd liberal as well while you're at it ;) my_new_wiels.jpg
*sigh* If only PrettyGirlTShirtImagineNoLiberals.jpg
Somebody should PM this pic to BCO ickychicken.jpg
Zuma is literally father of the nation. The others are mere pretenders to the throne The_Fathers_of_our_Nation.JPG
How do you say "Onthou, hy is dalk jou pa." in Zulu? zuma5.JPG

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