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  1. How Telkom can improve and make me a happier customer

    Today Mybroadband, my favourite South African website and online community, sent me an email with the announcement quoted below. They are running another one of their surveys, and rewarding users through a competition for providing their input.

    Tell your broadband provider how they can improve and make you a happier customer, and stand a chance to win a Sony 10 Android tablet: http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthre...ovider-improve
  2. Dead calls & crossed lines between MTN & Cell C subscribers

    In my quest to test drive the Cell C network, I had 3 weeks of brilliant service, followed by almost 2 months of frustration and agony due to problems with calls received from MTN numbers. These included lots of dead calls and crossed lines.

    I recently ported my MTN number over to the Cell C 99c for Real prepaid package, in order to test their network coverage and stability, as well as data speeds. This is in preparation of moving our company's cellular account away from MTN the more ...

    Updated 14-09-2012 at 09:18 AM by Saajid

  3. 8ta More is more for 8ta, less for consumers !

    Recently finally managed to cancel my Telkom landline and thought I will continue to make calls to their lines by making use of an 8ta prepaid SIM in another cell, paying just R0.65/min. Found out that you have now 8ta More and you get considerable extra free airtime on recharging with amounts from R20 upwards. So recharged 4 days ago with R50, but did not receive free airtime. So called 180 and found out you must change your tariff plan first to receive this benefit. Did this, but now on found ...
  4. Day 2 (ish): OSX

    So it's the last day with OSX and I've decided to mix it up somewhat by trying to install some custom Kexts to get my dual monitor setup working. Should be interesting.

    I am growing used to OSX's little quirks and intricacies and once you get over the irritable bowel syndrome that is iTunes, it's actually not that bad. As with all the platforms I've tested so far, dev work is a breeze.

    I've opted to leave Aptana studio behind on this one and have shifted over to Netbeans ...

    Updated 12-05-2012 at 11:32 AM by AntiThesis

  5. Day 1: Osx86 (Hackintosh)

    After the untimely demise of my Fedora install, the next OS to crop up was OSX.

    Let me start off by saying that I have mixed feelings about this behemoth in the OS space. On the one hand, it's something like my geeky Everest - I've never really run it and in many respects, its unclaimed treasures remain unspoiled (at least by me - many others have spoiled OSX but that's another story).

    On the other hand, it represents all that I feel is wrong with the world - it's ...
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