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  1. Doomdark's Revenge - in the 1985's and now... pt2

    The images looks much better as do the characters. Whereas the Spectrum version did not had any built-in maps, the Android version have two (or more than two). Let me attempt to explain.

    You have your major map, which looks like this :

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    Then each character have his/her own discovery map, which looks like this :

    Luxor :
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    Rorthron :
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  2. Doomdark's Revenge - in the 1985's and now... pt1

    In 1985 Mike Singleton (may his memory never fade) released the sequel to Lords of Midnight, called Doomdark's Revenge.

    I used to play this game on and off, but it's just for messing around than doing actual adventuring.

    The game was ported to the Android platform, and I bought a copy of it yesterday evening. A whole lot have changed, but the same, basic gameplay exists.

    Defeat Shareth.

    Which is not easy as it sounds, but it is entirely ...

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  3. Plugg Uncapped ADSL Feedback - How to use Plugg accounts

    Quote Originally Posted by janitor@plugg View Post

    Since most of the staff had their lunch, I thought this Janitor would take a breather and respond to some of the questions posted over the last couple of days before returning to Janitorial duties.

    Quote Originally Posted by MKFrost View Post
    Is this 250Gb a limit an actual limit as advertised or stipulated by them? Reason for asking is that I use around 80 to 150GB per month and on Telkom I am soft capped already from around 100Gb.
    Quote Originally Posted by WoDotNant? View Post
    Back to this 250Gb threshold. Cans someone confirm the
  4. Out of Office Dec 2013 / Jan 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by janitor@plugg View Post

    This Janitor will be leaving for his fishing trip shortly and therefor be unavailable to respond to queries on this forum as well as via email till around the middle of January 2014. Unfortunately where I am going there will be no decent signal/connectivity to even do a check-in from time to time.

    Please make use of the official channels should you have queries:

    * Sales -
    * Support - or 08611
  5. How Telkom can improve and make me a happier customer

    Today Mybroadband, my favourite South African website and online community, sent me an email with the announcement quoted below. They are running another one of their surveys, and rewarding users through a competition for providing their input.

    Tell your broadband provider how they can improve and make you a happier customer, and stand a chance to win a Sony 10 Android tablet:
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