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  1. Military TV Anyone?

    This may seem far fetched, but Nato aspirant Georgia has actually launched a military television channel aimed at raising the country's “patriotic spirit". Here is the full story:

    Nato aspirant Georgia has launched a military television channel aimed at raising the country's “patriotic spirit" the defence ministry said on Wednesday.

    The channel, called simply “Georgia:, began broadcasting last week and is showing “films and educational programmes on military,
    General News
  2. death? a life we live

    Death is always constantly on my mind,I am obsessed with it.I sleep at night thinking what if i dont wake up,I wake up and think what if i die today,by the hands of someone else or by natural causes,or not.

    What is the use of living a wonderful life when all turns to dust in the end,
    I ask myself,why are we here,what is our purpose.Is my purpose to post stupid things like this or is it not,Agg i dont know,
    Why does death rule my life,Why can i not ...
  3. MyADSL Slowed to a halt


    It is rather slow for some of us at the moment. Pages loaded really really slow. At about 15:52 It will return.

  4. Re: I'm new to "blogging" ok. . .

    I fell into the trap of using my first Blog entry to tell everyone that, well it's my first Blog entry. That seems like a waste. So here is my second try for my First Blog post (if no-one minds):


    Got caught by the rain this morning. Was not expecting it to rain. Sitting all wet @ University at the moment. Oh well, too bad. I like rain. If you are still reading this I am officially declaring you Bored. Totally random there, I know.

    Wait Stop ...
  5. I'm new to "blogging" ok. . .

    ok, lol, I had to search around for Where exactly one "post" a blog. Well, here we go.

    My First Blog! yay whatever

    This is supposed to be a blog. I seriously don't even Know what that is (Wikipedia here I come). But we'll see how things turn out.

    "Blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject such as food, politics, or local news" I thought that was what the forum was there for?

    "some ...