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  1. Panic!

    I was a recreational erbal/other user at one stage, must've messed with my head over the years cause i suddenly started getting major panic attacks whereby i reckoned every breath would be my last
    I started getting chest pain and thought i was suffering from a heart attack, i went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with intercostal muscle pain and that my heart was healthy, *whew*
    I started to run short of breath and reckoned i had developed lung cancer or enphysema, i was wrong on ...
  2. Coffee Heaven

    Walking into this specific coffee bean supplier shop is heaven for me. I'm in my element. Its more of a bean/coffee supplier than a 'coffee shop', but you can drink coffee their as well. Roasting is happening right in front of me with open bags of green beans lying around waiting in queue to be roasted. This aint your average run-of-the-mill coffee place, freshly roasted according to its profile, then cooled and packed. See it all done when your their. There is no 'sea point' blend or any other ...
  3. "Vacation" time!

    My vacation starts at 09:30 today. Yes! Vacation here meaning Temporary leave from University to study. Still the 17th of September Super long vacation hey.

  4. Military TV Anyone?

    This may seem far fetched, but Nato aspirant Georgia has actually launched a military television channel aimed at raising the country's “patriotic spirit". Here is the full story:

    Nato aspirant Georgia has launched a military television channel aimed at raising the country's “patriotic spirit" the defence ministry said on Wednesday.

    The channel, called simply “Georgia:, began broadcasting last week and is showing “films and educational programmes on military,
    General News
  5. death? a life we live

    Death is always constantly on my mind,I am obsessed with it.I sleep at night thinking what if i dont wake up,I wake up and think what if i die today,by the hands of someone else or by natural causes,or not.

    What is the use of living a wonderful life when all turns to dust in the end,
    I ask myself,why are we here,what is our purpose.Is my purpose to post stupid things like this or is it not,Agg i dont know,
    Why does death rule my life,Why can i not ...