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  1. CIA – ‘Intelligence’?

    America, more than other nations, requires an on-the-ball external intelligence service. They are isolated geographically from the world and traditionally insular (yet desire to be global cops). They get little input from South America because of their dominant economic position (they penalize what they don’t want to hear) and they have an uneasy relationship with Canada. If they refuse to accept Canadian intelligence, I can see Canada shrugging (they won’t insist). The USA relies exclusively on ...
  2. Atheism

    I grow tired of atheists and theists and everyone in between misunderstanding and misapplying this "label". The intent of this blog is to serve as easy reference to the recalcitrant or ignorant or willfully stupid or heaven forbid the truly clueless-but-have-the-ability-to-learn. The latter crowd, after all, have a slight possibility of getting it and coming up with new arguments that is not intellectually bankrupt and have not been debunked millennia ago.

    Some dictionary ...

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  3. China/America: The way forward – China (2 of 2)

    The Chinese (of all people) should understand the concept of ‘face’. By attempting to blackmail America on issues where the US has taken a very public stance, is dumb. Even if they [US] wished to cooperate (and I believe they do) they stand to lose much face if they cave. There are many, less public, issues which America has historically clashed with China over, where I am sure the US would be willing to compromise because China has them by the financial short-and-curlys.

    Influence ...
  4. China/America: The way forward – Tibet/Taiwan (1 of 2)

    The Chinese (by fluke) may have done the right thing for the wrong reasons (this ‘liberation of Tibet’ is self-justifying crap).

    The Dalai Lama is probably a good man, but not a deity and probably not even a particularly good ruler. America couldn’t care less about Tibet, they just want to demonise China. A person [the Dalai Lama] who travels around the world pressing his case with his message of peace, democracy and how he has devoted his life to opposing the evil regime ...
  5. Epic Beard Man

    Epic Beard Man

    Epic Beard Man, also known as Epic Beard Guy, EBM, Vietnam Tom, Tom Slick and Thomas Bruso, rose to internet fame on the 16 February 2010 after his involvement in a violent incident on a public bus was uploaded to Youtube. It is rumoured EBM is 67 years old and a Vietnam war veteran.

    To fully understand why Epic Beard Man is epic the following video has to be watched. This video is not safe for work, children or sensitive viewers.

    A brief ...

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