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  1. Eskom: Household electrical power distribution

    This procedure assumes a generator as a power source. If you are uneasy about this, check it with an electrician. He would be unhappy about some safety aspects, but it would work. The safety aspects relate to disconnecting and connecting. There is not a permanent danger while using the system.

    A major issue (I cannot emphasize this enough) is to SWITCH OFF the main switch (leave it off). It is easy, like switching-off a normal switch. It is usually green on the distribution board. ...
  2. Eskom: Solar geyser on a budget

    [quote]Potential ‘Plan B’s’ as guerrilla tactics are required to address the electricity crisis due to mismanagement. All the ‘Plan B’s’ (in this blog) are prefixed by ‘Eskom’ (makes searching easier). Many are edited existing threads lost in the archives.[/quote]

    Electric hot water geysers and stoves are the main electricity guzzlers. I don’t see why this scheme wouldn’t work. A cheap, effective way of getting hot water INTO the geyser without anything fancy and thus reducing your ...
  3. Bye Bye Fazda

    Returned from my month in the Cape to find that my Fazda had not enjoyed her stay in my humid salty aired garage.

    She started alright, and actually went into reverse in order to get out of the garage, but then decided to start showing her ire at my sudden disappearance.

    The wipers, suddenly refused to park at the bottom of the screen as they found that the top suited them better, the rust that I thought that I had fixed on the bonnet was back with a vengeance, and worst ...
  4. Problems with Nokia 5800XM Memory Card - Corruption

    I have had a corrupt memory card on 5 occasions now.

    I am trying to find out what the cause could be so i have run the card through 2 different hardware tests and i cannot find a hardware issue at all.

    Next step is to reformat and individually install applications to see if it is an application that is corrupting the memory card.

    Its very easy to pick up if your memory card is corrupt, when restarting your phone and you all of a sudden receive an error ...
  5. E-Book Reader Collection - Symbian

    Here is a collection of the Ebook reader applications that are confirmed working for Nokia 5800XM

    710,551 - isilo_5.09_last.rar
    50,018 - LightNotepad_186__S60v3__v5_Signed.rar
    1,171,964 - Mobireader_beta_unsigned.sis
    130,500 - QReader_S603rd.SISX
    277,057 -
    85,246 - ZXReader_v1.2.3_S60_5th_signed.rar
    370,027 -
    2,054,455 - eReader_S60v5.rar
    Please post a comment on which applications ...