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  1. Afghanistan strategy

    As an Armchair Colonel bucking for promotion to Armchair General, it is important that I demonstrate the strategic thinking worthy of this exalted office. I have chosen Afghanistan because it is topical.

    The Americans must back-off. In all their negotiations they have played to the international gallery, rather than being sincere with the Afghani’s. With their carpet-bagging mentality, they have emphasized the (American) semantic and legal aspects of their negotiations to international ...
  2. American Risk...Freedom...What a crock.

    When the Republicans snipe at the Democrats they generally use Obama’s health reforms. “Creeping socialism” they trumpet. “An erosion of risk taking and freedom of the Great American Way”. This is absolute rubbish and the opposite is true. I would go further and say that as well as universal health care there should be universal education. Imagine the freedom and enhanced risk taking of individuals if these burdens were removed.

    I have direct experience of this. When my wife and I ...
  3. The furure of MySQL looks uncertain

  4. Latest Downloads for Evaluation

    NB: I do not keep the files once i've installed and evaluated, if there is something I believe is worth the cost, i will rate it on here, uninstall from my phone, delete from PC and then purchase it.

  5. Symbian DOSBox Emulator

    I see that there is now a Dos emulator for Symbian devices.

    I will be loading this and lemmings and will post back my thoughts.

    If anyone is interested i can upload to quickshare:

    Symbian S60 port of the DOSBox emulator.

    · Symbian S60 3rd Edition, FP1/FP2
    · Symbian S60 5th Edition

    What's New:

    · this is a STILL a release candidate (RC) port of DOSBOX v0.73
    · changed
    Nokia 5800XM