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  1. mibli;-)

    Hey hey everyone
    Do yourselves a favour and check out mibli, the latest greatest chat application for your mobile phone.

    Updated 07-11-2008 at 10:19 PM by rpm

  2. Allyoucaneat equals pathetic

    It started as a great service, BUT now Allyoucaneat has gone from top to zero. They never answer their phones, fax never works, never respond to any queries or emails. Yet even after the debit orders have been stopped and cancelled they still try an get it just on different dates which equels to fraud and stealing.

    Any one else that has or is experiencing the same problem
  3. Vizo Luxon Mini Review

    Recently I purchased the Vizo Luxon external enclosure to backup (something I never seem to do) some of my data. I actually wanted to get a Vantec Nexstar since Im familiar with the unit but unfortunately my supplier did not have stock (as usual).

    At first I was pretty impressed with the specifications of the Vizo Luxon since it supported eSATA and USB2.0. The bay itself is also build ...

    Updated 29-12-2008 at 11:03 AM by DarKWateR

  4. Renaissance & Humanity Medical Schemes

    It was recently announced that two medical schemes will be liquidated in terms of Section 53 of the Medical Scheme Act, due to poor financial performance. Both these schemes are being liquidated at the same time and furthermore they share the same administrator (Prosperity). Now isnt that interesting?

    Where does that leave the members?

    The member is responsible for settling the service provider's account if the medical scheme does not pay it.

    The question ...
  5. AVI Conveter or Player

    Hi All,

    I am download movies from net that is AVI.001,AVI.002,AVI.003 this type of files are not play in mediaplayer also VLC player. Kindly let me know how to play this type of files ?or how to convert?