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  1. Legends, Captains and uncle DeV

    Friday, August 29, 2008

    Let me begin by emphasizing that rugby is definitely "chess played at lightning speed", and just as chess is calculating, precise and, to a point, mathematical so is rugby. However, rugby also involves much more then that, it involves brute force, instinct and natural god given talent. With that very philosophical start out the way letís get to the practicality of this discussion, but where to start? The booing at ABSA (Kings Park) stadium, the captaincy, ...
  2. Percy by numbers - Thanks to SASI

    For his 100th time in a Springbok jersey, Percival Colin Montgomery will become the most capped Springbok off all time and first to reach 100 test caps. Thats not his only record!

    Most career conversions in Tests. (150)
    Most conversions in a Test match. (12)
    Most career penalties in a Test match. (148)
    Most penalties in a Test match. (7)
    Most tries as Springbok fullback. (18)
    Most points in all Springbok matches. (898)
    The leading point scorer ...
  3. bok quick hitters - 1/9/2008

    Habana, no one can deny the talent, however I feel he could be getting bigger then the game. Can anyone really think of anything incredible he has done lately? I unfortunately canít. Maybe the defences are just covering him better, but a great wing adapts and still make mince of the defences. He is a great talent and has proved himself at international level, however I feel he has lost his way a bit and that he needs the right kind of coaching to be recoverable.

    The Beast, fantastic ...
  4. Session #02 - NLP Communications Model

    We will start the session through clarifying NLP Ethics, Ecology & the Presuppositions of NLP.

    Bandler and Grindler evolved NLP based on the Meta Model & Milton models helping us to understand the way we think and communicate.

    Dr Tad James gave us a wonderful description of this NLP Communications Model and how we manage State Control. The rest of the evening will be spent exploring and unpacking this and about the Choices that ...

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  5. NLP Training, Coaching & Modeling

    Tonite we start with the next NLP (neuro linguistic programming) training course at SACAP (South African College of Applied Psychology) and it promises to be another awesome course.

    Session #01 - Introduction & History of NLP & Applied NLP

    Mostly this can be found on Wikipedia, Yet the richness in data comes through the sharing of personal stories and client experiences that I have had with NLP first ...