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  1. Android and your data

    One of the best things of Smartphones today is the fact that they bring internet with you, wherever you are, but in South Africa this comes with a price. As many would know data especially cellular data in South Africa is not cheap. This creates a unique problem as the devices and the software on them is designed to keep you always up to date, always in touch.

    The problem at least can be addressed as we are not unique in having huge data costs. Some people revert to using a mix of ...

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    Android General
  2. Attention!

    Standing up to attention
    What is this that is mentioned
    Snake like skin ripples to smooth
    ever knowing,ever growing
    Excitement rises,my heart beats
    A feeling of uncertainty dashing in
    Balls rolling pupils dilated
    Attention should be regulated

    As the ever growing ever knowing
    Give rise to fall
    Smooth to ripple
    eyes wide open
  3. Internet speeds up to 140 Mbit/s offered

    first wave Computers from Alliwal North offer internet access at these speeds - I did not know that this was possible in South Africa and that at a flat rate of R21,865.20 or 34 Mbit/s at R7,809.00. Is this really possible or where is the catch?
  4. NASA Telescopes Help Discover Surprisingly Young Galaxy

    Astronomers have uncovered one of the youngest galaxies in the distant universe, with stars that formed 13.5 billion years ago, a mere 200 million years after the big bang. The finding addresses questions about when the first galaxies arose, and how the early universe evolved.

    NASA's Hubble Space Telescope was the first to spot the newfound galaxy. Detailed observations from the W.M. Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea in Hawaii revealed the observed light dates to when the universe was
  5. Wonders of Space

    I am having this HUGE fascination regarding the universe and space. I am currently RSSing to a few things about space.

    One of my favorite articles would be:

    Habitable exoplanets could exist at white dwarfs, or near dark matter

    Astronomers are probably just a few years from the first-ever finding of an Earth twin outside our solar system, that is, a planet roughly the size of Earth orbiting at a similarly temperate distance from a sunlike star. The idea
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