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  1. Aftermath XHD

    Price: R50
    Download: Android Market
    Size: apk file 22.09 MB
    Installed: 22.09 MB Can be moved to SD
    Data: N/A
    Review: Pocketgamer
    Gameplay: Video

    Great on Phone as well as Tablet even better on Xperia Play

    Singleplayer: Easy to start hard to master, you basic game play is to direct the flashlight on zombies(It auto shoots ...

    Updated 16-11-2011 at 11:39 AM by Elimentals

    Android Games
  2. The Real "ALL 3G NETWORK" speed test (20 June 2011)

    Since I have been doing speed-test on all networks,hey why not blog this research lol


    VODACOM -79dBm
    CELL C -79dBm
    MTN-SA -93dBm
    8.ta (Actual Telkom 3G Network) -87dBm




  3. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus HD

    Price: $4.99 / R35.00
    Download: Gameloft or Android Market
    Size: apk file 4208 kb
    Installed: 12.18 MB Can be moved to SD
    Data: 330 MB installed by default onto SD
    Review: Pocketgamer or Know your Mobile
    Gameplay: Video

    Will not download extra data using 3G, so a Wi-Fi connection is a must to install.

    Played like a Dream ...

    Updated 12-06-2011 at 08:21 AM by Elimentals

    Android Games
  4. Android Battery life

    Android devices comes with allot of power, from animated backgrounds to the ability to run multiple applications in the background, not to even talk about GPS, FM radio and other components that can place a strain on your phone/tablets battery.

    Problem is that we tend to forget some of the things on, or just would like to push the device to last 4 days instead of 1. Here is some idea's of how to monitor power use as well as some applications that can help.

    1. Screen

    Updated 06-06-2011 at 12:58 PM by Elimentals

    Android General
  5. Education Based on an Outcome

    Why arent South Africans Mad, I want an education that helps me achieve an outcome vs education based on one; (or two) without achiving any.

    Triggered by someone insisting I have a second child, I had to spend time explaining why I could not afford a second. Have friends who cannot buy their kid a sweet as it will throw the budget out but, they form part of the chorus. Rather than looking at four kids and sweating, have as many as you can afford and you too must live the life you ...
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