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  1. SEACOM dumbing it down for us

    SEACOM’s recent downtime created a furore, once again, online.

    People were slightly less vitriolic but very irate and understandably seeking an answer.

    SEACOM’s answer to the problem? Twitter.

    SEACOM decided by some misguided piece of advice that the premier platform, offering a whole 160 characters, was Twitter. This company with serious shareholders and countries relying on their uptime deemed Twitter to be the place to announce that their cable ...

    Updated 10-12-2010 at 09:07 AM by Cara

  2. The life and timesssss of Mr Sssssssnakepit!

    This is a blog about my thoughts, hopes, wishes, things i do on a daily basis.
    A diary of sorts that il keep updating- been thinking about this concept for a while now, would like to checkout just how boring my life really is and identify the parts i can work on, you can read, or even comment on the day i had, i welcome all interaction- if there is none i just carry on with my blog nonetheless
  3. South Africa: Steam

    I could never understand why we abandoned steam. We have tons of high sulphur coal sitting out on the East Rand complex, which is cheap. It would be worthwhile to research methods of cleaner burning coal. Imagine if we had poured the millions, which went into rail infrastructure and diesel locos, into steam instead (save on diesel, accessible coal etc.). We would be world leaders in steam-powered public transport, guru’s to 3rd world countries (cheap for passengers as well). Instead we emulated ...
  4. Nokia N8 Unofficial Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Maelly View Post
    Unofficial N8 Review

    Gosh, I saw the Voda promo with the N8 free on business call going for R185 on Friday and I tried to get one yesterday.
    The Vodashop at Wonderpark is sold out. This morning I sent emails to Menlyn, Hatfield, Brooklyn and other surrounding Vodashops/ 4U stores.
    Three shops responded that they have stock and I should come tomorrow morning to get one.

    Guess what, I had no idea that my sister had one (MTN) since last week Thursday, it's
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  5. The Year of the Kindle

    As a person who spends time reading everything on the net and buying the occasional magazine, I find myself surprised by my excitement for the Kindle.

    Anyone out there who would like to donate the new 6" PM me. Anyway ... once in a while, something that just makes sence comes out and this is it. Mentioning this to a few of my buds, out of somewhere in their bags pops out the new and the old models. In coversation, arguments about which is better, the bigger one or the smaller ...
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