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  1. The Year of the Kindle

    As a person who spends time reading everything on the net and buying the occasional magazine, I find myself surprised by my excitement for the Kindle.

    Anyone out there who would like to donate the new 6" PM me. Anyway ... once in a while, something that just makes sence comes out and this is it. Mentioning this to a few of my buds, out of somewhere in their bags pops out the new and the old models. In coversation, arguments about which is better, the bigger one or the smaller ...
    Tags: kindle
  2. Blackberry Internet Service

    Is it just me that thinks the Blackberry internet service should be free? I have a blackberry on contract which is already expensive. I think, considering the price of a blackberry, it should be free, with no extra charges for the apps. Who agrees with me?
  3. 3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Business Through NLP

    How do you improve your business through NLP?

    Tip #01 - Improve your sales through deeper connection, understanding and awareness:
    1. Understand and develop your sensory acuity (awareness)
    2. Improve your Rapport skills (match people through language and physiology)
    3. Connect with people through their world and what they need and want
    (Stephen Covey said - Seek first to understand then to be understood)
    4. Determine what others needs are
    Tags: coach, nlp
  4. Web Hosting

    by , 10-09-2010 at 11:22 AM (Web Hosting, Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation)
    Osirion System Technologies upgraded their web hosting plans today! Prices stay the same - but we are looking at anywhere between 3x and 7.5x the amount of disk space and 2x to 3x the bandwidth across all the web hosting plans.

    Plan 1
    Disk 50 MB
    Bandwidth 500 MB
    New Disk 250 MB
    New Bandwidth 1000 MB
    Price R 55.00

    Plan 2
    Disk 100 MB
    Bandwidth 1000 MB
    New Disk 750 MB
    New Bandwidth 3000 MB
    Price R 95.00 ...

    Updated 10-09-2010 at 11:27 AM by SupaMonkey

    Tags: hosting, site, web, website
    Web Hosting
  5. Magazine for SA

    A legacy of an agricultural boarding school in a farming community, is the material you read at an impressionable age. The school had stacks of the Farmer’s Weekly magazine. The ideal magazine for SA is the Farmer’s Weekly – it has everything. Consider:

    The magazine was a huge suck-up to the government during apartheid. It is more balanced now that it detests the government. Thrill to the spats between the Agricultural Union and the Minister of Agriculture. Keep informed ...
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