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  • I will always be an ANC member: Malema

    Expelled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema said he would always remain an African National Congress member.

    "I did not join the ANC voluntarily," he said on Saturday before cutting his 31st birthday cake.

    "I was recruited at the age of nine and will remain a member to the end." Malema was expelled by the mother body's national disciplinary committee (NDC) on Wednesday for sowing divisions in the ANC and bringing the organisation into disrepute.

    Malema said he had pleaded with the committee during his disciplinary hearing to take away all his other leadership positions but allow him to retain his ANC membership.

    He was speaking at the African National Congress Women's League (ANCWL) general conference at the Jack Botes Hall in Polokwane.

    Malema criticised ANC leaders saying they failed to condemn intimidation directed at his grandmother.

    "There are those who celebrated my expulsion by coming to my grandmother's house [in Seshego] with petrol bombs and bullets.

    "My grandmother is now being executed for my deeds and political beliefs but none of the ANC leaders has come out condemning this intimidation."

    Malema was given a birthday cake, decorated in the green and gold ruling party colours, by the ANCWL.

    Provincial ANC chairman Cassel Mathale, who sat next to Malema, referred to him as the president of the youth league and praised him as a "true comrade".

    Women's League provincial chairwoman Maite Marutha said Malema would always be part of the Limpopo's ANC structures.

    "You are welcome our son -- you will remain with us throughout.We shall never divorce you. We will even come to you to seek advice," she said.

    However, Marutha said it respected the decision of the NDC.

    "We respect the decision...but as women we cannot chase away our child simply because he is [a] delinquent.

    "Juju is just a straight forward talking person and we are not aware of him being disrespectful."

    Earlier the province's ANCYL chairman Frans Moswane told the gathering Malema was one of the best young people in Africa.

    "He was not parachuted to the leadership position but was groomed from the branches.

    "He was not elected by the NDC, but by the ANC Youth League delegates and he will remain our president until 2014."
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    1. rpm's Avatar
      rpm -
      Expelled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema said he would always remain an African National Congress member.

      "I did not join the ANC voluntarily," he said on Saturday before cutting his 31st birthday cake.
    1. biometrics's Avatar
      biometrics -
      A 31 year old "youth".
    1. copacetic's Avatar
      copacetic -
      Silly twit.

      Enjoy the wilderness, you fat, cake munching cretin.
    1. satanboy's Avatar
      satanboy -
      a) he looks 38 at LEAST
      b) he is a tool
      c) he is a BIG tool
    1. Garyvdh's Avatar
      Garyvdh -
      He will also always be an idiot.
    1. Hemi300c's Avatar
      Hemi300c -
      The problem is with this d@@s is that he couldn't keep his mouth shut. MOST cANCer members think like him but just don't say it and due to his mouth his actions were brought to light but not yet investigated or punished. Most of the cANCer senior executives do what he has done but they conceal it.
      Most are corrupt
      Most in positions are doing dodgy deals
      Most have built/bought expensive houses outside their budget
      Most hate whites
      Most are uneducated and cannot do the job and they know it thereby filling their coffers before they lose the position.
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