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  • Hostage situation at Durban hospital

    A large police contingent has been deployed to Westville Hospital in Durban after unconfirmed reports of a hostage situation.

    A Sapa reporter on scene said police snipers had positioned themselves at points surrounding the hospital's kitchen, where a man was holding two women hostage.

    Officials on the scene, who did not want to be named, said it was believed that one of the hostages was injured.

    Meanwhile, SABC radio news reported that there were three hostages.

    The man was believed to be a former patient who allegedly fired several shots at a doctor earlier.

    The doctor fled the scene.

    A witness, who is a patient at the hospital, told Sapa he was lying in bed when the commotion began.

    Mark House said he heard three gunshots and moments later, a woman stormed into his ward and tried to hide behind him.

    "She was apologising to me, because she chose my room, because she feared this guy was looking for her," he said.

    Police officers entered the room and evacuated them from the scene.

    Police spokesman Lt-Col Vincent Mdunge was not unable to confirm the reports. He said he would provide accurate information once he had it.

    ER24 spokesman Derrick Banks could not immediately be reached for comment.

    A media briefing was due to be held at the hospital shortly.

    Source : Sapa
    Comments 9 Comments
    1. Jase's Avatar
      Jase -
      Unconfirmed but 3 security and 1 cleaner shot.
    1. Ady's Avatar
      Ady -
      I must say i like the decisive manner in which SAPS is working lately. They aren't taking any nonsense.
    1. Sinbad's Avatar
      Sinbad -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ady View Post
      I must say i like the decisive manner in which SAPS is working lately. They aren't taking any nonsense.
      The new commisioner's influence you think? He cast himself as a man of action...
    1. SinghDude's Avatar
      SinghDude -
      Happy ending. Bastard shot dead.
    1. He-Man's Avatar
      He-Man -
      ye we saw all the cop cars on the way to
      the Pav this morning.
    1. Ady's Avatar
      Ady -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sinbad View Post
      The new commisioner's influence you think? He cast himself as a man of action...
      One can only hope, heard the "man of action" story too many times to get excited. Only his results will tell.
    1. HeftyCrab's Avatar
      HeftyCrab -
      Hmmm.youd think the people would learn. every time theres a hostage situation our police just shoot them. its not like in the movies where they negotiate for days on end.hulle vatikaki!

      maby it was a police suicide?or whatever you call it when they want to die but dont want to do it themselves,then do something stupid so the police shoot them.
    1. marine1's Avatar
      marine1 -
      One thing you better know, in that situation if task force arrive, your life is over and rightfully so.
    1. FoXtroT's Avatar
      FoXtroT -
      Not necessarily have you ever watched the documentry on the task force. They will negotiate for as long as possible and won't just shoot the guy unless he threatens them or the hostage. Remember the Task Force have never lost a hostage.
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