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  • Yalidev Albert

    There is no available content written by Yalidev Albert
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    Nkandla fence falling apart

    It's after all a kraal, what did you expect??????????????? Go to last post

    Seriously 24-11-2014 01:29 AM

    Nkandla fence falling apart

    Look at all the rubbish it's like a shabeen. You can take......... Go to last post

    Hemi300c 23-11-2014 11:58 PM

    Nkandla fence falling apart

    Must be the emergency exit....in case of fire... Go to last post

    yebocan 23-11-2014 10:13 PM

    Nkandla fence falling apart


    wow...250 million. Go to last post

    HavocXphere 23-11-2014 10:09 PM

    Nkandla fence falling apart

    I support the media in running this - as headlines news each and every day.

    Investors must see... Go to last post

    Visser 23-11-2014 09:25 PM