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Thread: Telkom News Server

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    Default Telkom News Server

    I've been capped at 1,8GiB on a 1GiB account, and I cannot connect to news.telkomsa.net:119. I can ping www.telkomsa.net, but not news.telkomsa.net. Is the server down, has the address changed, or is my connection at fault?

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    It's news.saix.net not news.telkomsa.net.

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    I actually tried that, and couldn't connect to news.saix.net either. Have you been able to connect to it today? And has the server address changed recently? The printout from Telkom (printed in November 2007) still lists news.telkomsa.net, and I used news.telkomsa.net in December 2007.

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    Yeah. The SAIX news server has been up most of today. Down at the moment though. ( For me at least..)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bison234 View Post
    .. couldn't connect to news.saix.net either. ...
    news.saix.net and news.telkomsa.net point to the same server

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    You will not be able to ping the news server even if the address is correct. They don't allow ICMP requests

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    Yeah i have been capped at around 1.5GB on a 1GB TI account since about 4 Jan, so much for 10GB local but then i guess that only applies from 1 Feb
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    you guys talking about international capping?

    I am capped on 2.4GB on 1GB TI package and I have done about 170GB so far this month!

    Lucky me I guess? or not?

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    I have done about 170GB so far this month!
    On a 1GB account???
    I can't believe it. Otoh I also can't believe you clocked up 170GB locally
    I'm never wrong, just varying degrees of right.

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    lol, believe it! I did 2,4GB International and 170GB Local!
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    not as from tomorrow you don't that would cost ~R3577

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    true! lol@telkom and thx for the uncapped! was nice, maar nou is dit klaar! maybe one day again!

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    Telkom have not informed me about any extra charges.

    I still have a contract with them that states:

    do Broadband has all the characteristics that you have become accustomed to from your Broadband DSL connection such as fixed monthly fees, ...

    So until they cancel my contract and offer me another one, I am holding them to FIXED MONTHLY FEES.

    Any lawyers out there?
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    DO NOT USE news.telkomsa.net Yes it redirects to news.saix.net but 90% of the times it doesnt work. Just go direct and use news.saix.net

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