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Thread: [w] Hamachi Players? -Heroes 3 Complete

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    Default [w] Hamachi Players? -Heroes 3 Complete


    I'm looking for any willing players to join me in a few heroes of might and magic games, played over hamachi.

    You require:

    Heroes 3 Complete.
    Hamachi v

    Good knowledge of the game and how to play competatively.


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    IM up for playing homm3 thru hamachi.Network name is forhomm3players000000 and password is 000000 .

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    still looking to play im a worthy oppenent for sure..email me assunderacoming@gmail.com with network info or mine is blackdragonfire

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    heroes iii complete looking for players email me assunderacoming@gmail.com

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    Default looking for fellow players

    heroes play all the time need good players make network or join mine assunderacoming@gmail.com for more info im ready now..lets get it going



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