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Thread: email

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    Default email

    So I have the email address It's also setup as [email protected]. However when I send to [email protected], it comes back with the message that [email protected] is not a known address on the server.

    Yet under, [email protected] is setup. Useless telkom email. And, no it is not my main email account. I give this email out as one which I don't care if it receives spam.

    EDIT: What is strange is that when I send from this account, it shows is address as [email protected]
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    sounds like you need to call the telkom helpdesk....sorry

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    i'm not that bothered about the account tbh
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    I have the same problem. My DSL account name being [email protected] - Alias active in webmail. Can log in fine, see inbox and everything, but when I try send a mail to the account It gets returned to sender with 'no such mailbox' error. Left me using with all it's spam as an alternative because I couldn't be bothered to call Telkom.
    Should also be allocated 20MB of web hosting or something like that - that doesn't work either.
    I love how they include these things as features for the package, but when you buy it you get the bare minimum and need to call their useless helpdesk to activate the rest...



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