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Thread: NASA Test Subjects Paid to Stay in Bed Three Straight Months

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    Default NASA Test Subjects Paid to Stay in Bed Three Straight Months

    It may not sound like much of a job three consecutive months in bed but NASA says the participants in its bed rest study are providing valuable information for the space program.

    The test subjects are paid $10 per hour, or about $17,000 over the course of the study, which is carried out at the University of Texas, according to a report by MyFOXHouston.com. They spend three months lying down, and the preparation and rehabilitation take up another month.

    I want this job!

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    Super Grandmaster sand_man's Avatar
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    mm.. sounds glamorous but some how I don't think it is. Probably quite challenging...
    Every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker, and every minute Charlie squats in the bush, he gets stronger

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    Well, give me over R 100k and WoW to play and I'll stay on my back for 3 months easy
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    Getting paid R120000~ for this 3 month test - hell yeah I would.

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