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Thread: Looking for Virtual Airtime Reseller Software

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    Default Looking for Virtual Airtime Reseller Software

    A friend sells airtime voucher cards in his shop. He has an internet connection and runs XP.

    I'm look for a software solution to allow him to sell virtual airtime by printing it directly from his receipt printer. He doesn't want a separate terminal.

    I've found a few on the net but would appreciate any feedback or recommendations.

    I was warned not to use Intelligent Solutions as their software is unstable and the female owner/support person is rude and unhelpful (They used other words to describe her )

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    Try FlyTime, they have a software solution. Just google it.
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    Default airtime software

    j ivan

    i had a terrible experience with that vpower female myself.
    im also in pursuit of what u r.
    thus far ive found

    airtime express

    both r big companies and r reputable ive also had some private individuals but im still researching for the best product , ill keep u posted but check out the above.



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