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    there is a statement from Sentech on the MyADSL homepage.

    They are admitting...kind times.

    But they promise to correct the problems, and they say they are busy with a training programme for the orcs and they are busy sorting out the network problems and they will start a bullitin board and they are taking the complaints serious and they are....

    If my memory does not fail me, I've seen all of this before.

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    I'm glad that Sentech have finally made some sort of public statement regarding the speed issues but the whole article seemed a bit patronising. Does anyone else think so?

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    I consider the timing of this rather interesting.

    Was there a Sentech representative on the drive yesterday ?

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    MARTIN: It's not just patronising, it's downright arrogant. Evidence of genuine concern for their customers/clients would have included aspects such as credit consideration for loss of or unacceptable connectivity, or something along the lines of contract review, or a rewards programme, or such like. A clear rollout plan made available to the public would also have provided evidence of genuine commitment to the marketplace, as it would facilitate forward planning and investment. But I suppose, being the bunch of ex-public servants that they are, they have no idea how to actually treat the public, more's the pity. Tragic!

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    Methinks this is purely a marketingspeak knee jerk reaction to the bad press they have recently recieved...

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    Re: The latest from Sentech:

    'This is a whole bunch of rubbish and guaranteed to anger and frustrate all current users of Sentech's service! To ignore all of the current complaints and only state the introduction of a cap - fiendishly unpopular with all ADSL brodband users (and far too easy a cop-out) is outrageous. From what I've read, support staff at Sentech are quite often, useless. This is to pass the buck on valid complaints and simply pass further drawbacks to the consumer. I don't see how a comment of this nature is reassuring and provides any good news. It's rather quite the opposite for subscribers paying an arm and a leg, whom should deserve a great package overall for their extremely high monthly financial sacrifice for broadband (or 24 hour internet access).

    Sentech should provide a great service for the fiendish and obscene profits they make. Bandwidth costs? We've heard that one before. For the amount you pay - more to Sentech than Telkom for the same bandwidth connection - you would expect a greater monthly data transfer limit before a cap. I hope this is to be provided. A case of taking a lot and giving a little?

    Sure the cap with help with the pathetic bandwidth probably purchased by Sentech to keep costs low and profits high. More bandwidth should be purchased for one's heard earned money with the eradication (or non-introduction) of a cap. Better infrastructure in place to lessen the contention ratio. This is to be taken for granted in many countries overseas. Oh, I forgot that we're in Africa and costs are 'over the moon'. With what we pay, I think this a fair analogy.

    I now thinking this offering to be the White Elephant I suspected it to be. I'm sticking with Telkom - as they say: 'Better the devil you know'.

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