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Thread: SLR Tutorial Site

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    I don't remember seeing this site I have found it quite usefull.
    Why yes, my one eye is bigger than the other. Thanks for pointing that out.

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    Wonderful links. I second Ken Rockwell's site ( There is a ton there for beginners.

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    Great links! Thanx everyone for posting?
    Do you also get camera specific courses/tutorials, say for Nikon?

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    I think this guy is good. if you a beginner, he explains in details with photos so u have a great idea.

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    And this is the bottom line.

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    Vimeo DSLR Video School:

    Canon DSLR camera's produce such good video quality!

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    I've found this site and its great for beginners through to pro's, he also has weekend themes and edits you can do and send back. its a great community and gets you to use your cameras as well :

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    no need to buy a new camera, its the lenses you want to perfect on...If you like taking portrait shot, get yourself a portrait lense approx R1000, wow F stop goes right down to 1.8 - awesome detail with portraits

    Practise your shots - go back to the manual, you will see your shots will improve...

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    Portrait lens for R1000? What drugs are you on, dude? Add a zero and you are approaching the ballpark for a decent portrait lens.
    And this is the bottom line.

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    Default Re: SLR Tutorial Site

    Fantastic Plastic, Nifty Fifty, call it what you want is basically a 75/80mm equivalent on a crop factor SLR so yes, it makes an almost perfect portrait practise lens for silly money

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