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Thread: I get an entry point _except_handler4_common error...

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    Default I get an entry point _except_handler4_common error...

    The error is 'The procedure entry point _except_handler4_common could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll.'

    I get that error message when I try to open Photoshop CS4. I also happens with Regbooster...

    I reinstalled windows and installed SP3 again with all the latest C++ redistributable packs, framework packages, latest drivers for my components etc...

    I referred to this thread: but it did not help me much, mainly because I don't understand Greek... :-)

    My machine is:

    CPU: AMD Phenom 9950
    Memory: 3072MB
    MOBO: Asrock K10N78FullHD-SLI R3.0
    GPU: XFX 9800GT 512MB

    How can I fix this error?

    Is it serious?
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    A chocolate for anyone that can help me...

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    Its pointing to the incorrect msvcrt.dll it seems. How many versions of this file do you have on your system? What is you path variable set to? From a command prompt type "set", check Path=

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    how do i that???

    I tried to fix it with regcure as well... but it didn't work...

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    Search for msvcrt.dll using windows search - Right click C: > Search. See where they located, and the version.

    To find the path go:
    Start > run > type "CMD" > Type "Set" (in the new window). Find the Path= and post it here (dont type the ""). Good luck

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    Yip - definately a version problem.

    Have a look at dependecy walker ( - you load the exe file into it and it tells you all the modules its using and their locations/versions etc.

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    is this it?

    for dependency walker

    PS - thanks for helping guys...
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    Just checked my version of msvcrt.dll under system32:

    Version 7.0.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)
    Date: 18/4/2008

    I'm running XP SP3

    Why does yuour have a date stamp of 2007?

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    don't know?

    i just did a re installation of windows...

    probably an old sp3 version...

    why? does that mean something?



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