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Thread: Latest apps available and info about apps

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    Google ending support For Gtalk And Sync For Blackberry
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    Anyone know of a radio fm app (that can pick up local radio stations) that does not use your airtime but uses BIS?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hmm...not BIS as that would constitute streaming, Tunein would be the only 1 I know of. I use it over wifi only

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    ExpenZa, the locally developed personal finance app is now available on BlackBerrry App World : . It automates the hassle of keeping track of your expenses by intercepting and decoding the SMS the bank sends you when you spend money. You can set up a budget an it can even auto categorize your expenses and show you how you are doing with regards to following your budget. Take a look, feedback is welcome.

    Disclaimer : We're the developers of ExpenZa

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    Anyone recommends a free manga reader ?

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