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Thread: anyone notice a high pitched squealing sound ??

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    Default anyone notice a high pitched squealing sound ??

    Hey guys, I've had my mac for almost a yr now, it's the macbook pro 15.2" ((i think)) with OS x 10.5.8

    I notice that a gentle but constant high pitched squeal that is low volume (does that make sense ??) is being emitted from it, anyone have any idea what this is because it's driving me nuts O_o the tv also does that but i was told it has a leaking cap, could this be the problem with the mac ? I bought this mac from a shop in cape town and i live in durban, use it everyday for work so it's not a possibility of sending it over for 2 - 4 weeks as i won't have anything to use

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    Does the frequency/volume of the pitch change when you unplug the laptop from mains so it runs on battery?

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    Hello ^__^

    unfortunately not. the only time it's quiet is when i put it in sleep mode but other than that, that ever present sound is always there, like a dog whistle except much lower volume

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    I think I know what you mean, I get the same thing but only when I'm running off battery. I've been looking around online and all my searches points to a capacitor resonating. Electronics aren't supposed to make noise... I also found it highly irritating but it got less after a while. I think you should contact Apple about it, just in case it is a failing cap.

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    thanks very much :-) I've been searching around but not much luck so your info is quite helpful *Sigh* I'll probably have to send it to CT and they're reliable but I'm sure it's going to cost me an arm and a leg to have fixed

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    Look around some more, google around for resonating capacitors in laptops. If it really costs too much, you might even be able to replace it yourself...

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    You say almost a year? Should have some form of warranty :P



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