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Thread: AWB interview on ETV

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    Default AWB member going razy on e news

    I was just watching e tv's 7pm news, and they had an insert about their 24 channel, e news', Africa 360 program. On it, an AWB spokesperson was in a debate with a political analyst, and then gets angry with her, rips his mike off, and starts to walk off. He then starts shouting at her, at which point the presenter intervened. Some other AWB member then got involved, and the situation seemed to get out of hand.

    Did anyone see this? I'll try to find a link to a video.

    edit: damn it, can a mod please change the title to 'crazy'.
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    razy works as well, if not better

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    ***** I missed it.

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    The saddest part of it all is that Malema now succeeded in making someone as evil as Eugene Terblance) into a martyr

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    Exclamation AWB Secretary General throws a fit on enews

    Did anyone see that?

    I was told earlier to come watch the AWB secretary general, Andre Visagie, throw a hissy fit and omg was it funny It must have happened some time today, but they just showed the clip of him throwing his microphone off, almost fighting with the presenter, and then threatening another guest on the show.

    Him and the other guest were going at it about something or other, and she was interrupting him and he just had enough. He did have his own AWB guard nearby though. So he just stormed out.

    Did anyone see it? It was on some or other enews show (probably on dstv). Ill see if I can find a vid somewhere

    A quote from the current affairs forum:
    Quote Originally Posted by wayfarer View Post
    Check E NEWS Channel now. Secretary general of AWB, Andre Visagie, going nuts.
    Edit, we have the vid

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    Please post link if you find it somewhere online. I saw a couple seconds of it on tv but had to leave

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    Anyone got a link to download this please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dixie View Post
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    T A N S T A A F L

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    Eish! LOL @ the "guard"!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cableguy View Post
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    I cant seem to find a link on youtube, and google doesnt seem to find much.
    Problem is I dont know if it happened this morning or afternoon, cause the news just showed a replay.
    My advice, if you want to see it, watch the news on e at 10. Im sure they will show it again. It was after all the main stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PostmanPot View Post
    Eish! LOL @ the "guard"!
    At first I thought it was an etv guard, but I thought to myself it was odd that he was white.
    And he was useless, just standing there while they were on the verge of throwing punches.
    When I pointed this out to my mother, she goes "He is wearing black, and he is white. Didnt you know that those are the AWB guys? They were always around if you watch clips of the AWB on the news?"... That was before my time

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3G4me View Post
    What provoked it?
    I think the black woman (the other guest) was from the race relations institute, or african institute - some liberal movement.
    And he was going on that the "volk" have their own history, to which she replied "so do we". And then something about does he care about people staving in africa? And they were talking at the same time. He got pissed off, and had just had enough of this "***" and walked out. And right at the end after confronting the male presenter, he turns back to her and starts shouting "you havent heard the end of me" or something similar

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    That was hilarious. But in all honesty I understand his frustration as that woman wouldn't let him get a word in, and then the interview dude grabbed him by the arm but kept telling him "not to touch me IN MY STUDIO!" Hahaha.

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    Yep just saw it on e News Channel (143)
    Starts off with Mr. Visagie defending his culture, the other women the analyst disputing "from what view", pity it is so short as I feel it is probably taken out of context. We need to see the whole interview to make a fair judgment.

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    haha mr.Visagie doesnt take *** from anyone lol gud on him!! his gaurd was smiling all the way for being on tv

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