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View Poll Results: If you have been upgraded to 10Mb, indicate which Province you live in.

336. You may not vote on this poll
  • The Eastern Cape

    3 0.89%
  • The Free State

    2 0.60%
  • Gauteng

    33 9.82%
  • KwaZulu-Natal

    17 5.06%
  • Limpopo

    1 0.30%
  • Mpumalanga

    0 0%
  • The Northern Cape

    0 0%
  • North West

    2 0.60%
  • The Western Cape

    46 13.69%
  • No upgrade as yet

    232 69.05%
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Thread: 10 Mbps ADSL availability checker

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    Default 10 Mbps ADSL availability checker

    10 Mbps ADSL availability checker

    Telkom’s new 10 Mbps ADSL availability checker now fully functional - check if your exchange supports higher speed ADSL

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    Centurion - No 10 Mbps

    Northcliff - Supports 10 Mbps

    Fourways - No 10 Mbps

    Midstream Estates - No 10 Mbps

    Moreleta Park - No 10 Mbps

    Garsfontein - No 10 Mbps

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    Super Grandmaster Madhawk's Avatar
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    Apr 2009


    Oakdene - No 10Mbps

    This service can not be converted to 10Mbps Fastest DSL at this stage. Please check again in future as we are continually upgrading the network.

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    Kelvin (011656 Woodmead, Wendywod) - No 10mbps

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    Grandmaster fivelza's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    North Riding


    Olivedale (011 704) - No 10 mbps
    Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt - Mark Twain

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    Grandmaster kevinswan007's Avatar
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    Dec 2006


    Table View, CT. supports 10 Mbps. But telkom wont upgrade if asked. "It will be done when its done" So its a luck of the draw, even if the exchange does support it.

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    Fourways (011 465) - 10Mbps active. I get around 6.8Mbps down/0.66Mbps up over IS.

    Your exchange supports up to 10Mbps fastest ADSL. The provision of such a service is subject to port availability, distance, copper quality and line sync speed limitations.
    Last edited by Katarn; 21-08-2010 at 12:51 AM. Reason: Putting message from Telkom site within quote.

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    Super Grandmaster RichardG's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Johannesburg/Jozzi South Africa


    011 435 Linmeyer not supported at all

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    I have been told by numerous Hellkom staff that my line is 1 of those that will be upgraded. Yet this checker says "This service can not be converted to 10Mbps Fastest DSL at this stage. Please check again in future as we are continually upgrading the network."
    My work ADSL line which is on the exact same exchange as my home line (031-267 ****) has already been upgraded. I don't think even Hellkom know what they are doing.

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    Amandasig (Pretoria-North)

    This service can not be converted to 10Mbps Fastest DSL at this stage. Please check again in future as we are continually upgrading the network.

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    Constantia, Cape Town - 021 794: No [according to Telkom's checker], but according to WebAfrica=yes.

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    i still think it is all a bunch of crap, if they could not 'upgrade' all the 4mb users to 10mb they should have offered the 10mb as a new service and you can then upgrade if you want to. Now some people get the 'upgrade' while others get the run around when asking what is going to happen in your area. in the mean time pay the same as the guys getting the 10mb service, sux.

    why not drop the 384 and start at 512, then 4mb and then 10mb.

    i remember when i applied for my DSL Telkom said that they need to test my line to see what speed it can handle. with this 'upgrade' you don't get the choice and as far as i am aware G.DMT modulation can handle 12mb, which is what most of us use, so what is their prroblem.

    At one point during the whole 'upgrade' process i had a download speed of 1mb/s, this lasted for about 30min. at that point i thought that i was part of the upgrade, when i got home in the evening it was back to normal. Called Telkom the next day and no one could tell me why that happened, one reason they gave was that the field tech guys were working on a problem in the area and that they may have had the lines opened for testing. so if i could do it then why not now, that so far no one can answer.

    Yes it is a bit of sour grapes cause i experienced the added speed and had it taken away.

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