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Thread: Telkom Mobile 3G/HSDPA Speedtest Results

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cost Conscious View Post
    8ta can be slow but they are still responsive. I need an antenna for my connection and have pretty steady average download speeds 2-3Mbs, peaking at 5-6Mbs. No problems whatsoever chewing through my 10Gig.

    Anyway, the nice 8ta rep has said they will look into your case. Good luck.
    Thanks man, I really really really hope they will...because 3 months is waste of money when they doing nothing.

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    When I first got Vodacom, speeds were just 1mbps for many years - athen BANG they went down to almost nothing. I cancelled many contracts.

    When the Cell C special was launched, I was getting 50ms pings and 3mbps constantly for 4 months - then BANG it went to nothing and sold the SIM.

    Now I have the 8ta special and got 90ms pings and 2mpbs for about 6 months and BANG - it's consistently 10 x slower

    It seems horrible speeds just follow my around.
    Jägermeiʃter can fix that!

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    Cool 17Mbps on a speed test

    Guys i thing you should try and download a traffic shaper in order to boost d/l speeds
    Last edited by AweWolf; 22-03-2012 at 01:40 AM.

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    Huawei E1820

    Really pathetic. Technicians said a tower will go up in three months or so... but that does not help me now I've already paid for the data. Had no intention in being an investor for their future infrastrcture development; I care about the here and now!!
    Cape Town pilot project?? I dont care, provide the service muppets!

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    Thanks 8ta for your help! My signal problem has been solved! No connection problems anymore, just click and ONLINE! Cheeeers

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    Quote Originally Posted by RNCoetzee View Post
    Thanks 8ta for your help! My signal problem has been solved! No connection problems anymore, just click and ONLINE! Cheeeers
    What did they do to assist?
    Luck is not random; it is attracted to those who work hard. Sweat, Blood and tears are the ingredients of a champion - Mike Tyson

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    Hi All!

    Please follow the information on the sticky provided and we will follow up on this.

    Social Media Team

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    How are you able to achive that?


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    Huawei B863 router

    I reach more than that when I have better reception.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jabezz View Post
    WOW!!! How did you make this possible jabezz?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SKL_H View Post
    WOW!!! How did you make this possible jabezz?
    Standard E367 dongle ... nothing extra ... guess i'm in a good coverage area?

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    Huawei B683 - Northriding JHB

    My pings are terrible! With a CellC sim in the same router my pings are sub 40 and my speeds up to three times faster. I'm really hoping that 8ta can sort this out.
    Last edited by SirMCDeats; 06-04-2012 at 07:10 AM.

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    this is what my 10gb promo sim is capable of when the sky is clear.
    When its overcast and rainy i cant connect at all...

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    Test conducted on Wed Apr 11 2012 11:12:11 GMT+0200 (South Africa Standard Time) (here

    Download Speed: 648 kbps (81 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 240 kbps (30 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Latency: 171 ms



    Craighall Park, Uniterm 11dbi rooftop antenna, TP-Link router TL-MR3420, Icon 505 modem.

    Not good at all - its been going downhill for me over the last few weeks. I used to get at least 2mbps down and 1.5 up.

    I have a ticket open and a techie came to visit last week - his comment was "your signal fluctuates a lot". Hopefully some propeller-head somewhere inside 8ta can do some magic and bring me my throughput back.

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