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Thread: Rodent bans discussion of fiber on Wisp board

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    Default Rodent bans discussion of fiber on Wisp board

    I was banned from the thread on the Aerosat ruling which I started.
    It generated huge interest but ...
    The Wisp forum has the wrong name, it should be termed: Data crossing boundaries by any means other than Telkom. And Rodent has banned me there. Be that as it may. Nobody has answered the thrust of my argument: Partner with a Vans license holder ie or to send data across the road via fiber/Dslam/Wi-fi.
    The Vans license holders only allow people to send data over the street via Wi-fi in partnership with them but seemingly don't want to allow anybody
    to do so via Fiber. David Jarvis and his lawyer are refusing to answer my question as to exactly why they
    would not lay fiber across the street in Knysna. Council would obviously giver permission since they contracted Uninet to install a Network there.
    Come on David, do you really think you can just ignore this question for ever?

    I spoke to this morning. They have been in discussions with Telkom since they want to lay fiber across roads all over
    the country to setup their CCTV networks. Telkom said that they will lay a charge against them at Icasa if they do.
    A vans license prevents a Telkom civil suit if you resell Telkom data. If no Telkom data will 'officially' flow over the street via Dslam/Fiber/Wi-fi then there is nothing Telkom can do to you and you don't need a Vans license partnership. Just ask they sell Wi-fi gear for R2000, for people to send data across the street without a Vans license.
    Rodent now wants ban all discussions of other media/equipment to transmit data across the street. One can only wonder why.
    Last edited by captainwifi; 07-09-2005 at 11:49 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slimothy
    dude they're gonna move this to the gripes section
    naw this one is offtopic, atleast the content. I've been wondering why these okes don't just lay down fiber also.

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    Vio because many of the moderators and 2000 behind my name posters have their
    own Isp's or work for M-web. They don't want us to create our own Isp's that's

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    1. You are not banned from the WiFi forum. In fact you are nowhere "banned"
    2. I clearly stated that if you go offtopic again, your posts will be moderated.
    3. This has been a long time coming.
    4. If you'd like a forum section for your own drivel, please pm RPM and request a "captainwifi's soapbox" section to be added, otherwise stay on topic.
    5. Have fun here in off-topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captainwifi
    The Wisp forum has the wrong name, it should be termed: Data crossing boundaries by any means other than Telkom.
    Or rather we need a new forum termed “Guerrilla Networking“

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    The thread does not have the wrong name, you simply want to post off topic stuff there. This is why I guess you were asked to stop.

    I suspect your tendency to post sensationalist material was part of it too, after a while I learnt to only skim read or completely ignore your posts as most of the time, the humor value was almost always higher than the information content. Sorry to say it, but your posts usually make you look like a nutcase.

    While you may not like the idea of being asked to stop, you must realize that there are people who are trying to use the Wifi forum area as intended. If you really think there is a need for a section dealing with fibre/dslams/legal procedings or whatever the flavour of the moment happens to be perhaps you should ask for such a section to be created, which by the way has - its called "Off Topic"

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    Okay. Moved to gripes.

    The title of this thread alone indicated that The Rodent was correct in requesting you keep fibre discussions out of WISP discussions. I did read the thread in question and though wireless legislation is discussed in part, the thrust of the thread is about fibre.

    capatainwifi, may I suggest you open a new thread in the Off Topic section and I assure you the mods will discuss where to put it.

    Perhaps deregulation is the best but let us talk it over.


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    told you it was gonna get moved

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    We might move it to the leased line section. Leased line does include fibre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antowan
    Leased line does include fibre.
    so does weet-bix

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