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    Evolve is the world’s most open and social game platform. It connects you and all your games with all your friends and all their games, no matter the game, publisher, or genre.
    Watch this video to find out a little more.

    In layman’s terms, its Hamachi, or LanBridger, with an awesome in-game interface. This means no more alt+tabbing in order to see whats happening.

    Why Evolve? Evolve was created to fix the frustratingly fragmented experience of online PC gaming. Too many services, too many profiles, too much hassle—the result of too little interoperability. PC gaming is one walled garden after another — walls that threaten the viability of PC gaming altogether. Evolve is setting out to change this trend with a platform that's as open to players as it is to developers.

    So, why not any other platform such as Steam, or Windows Live? Well, the key fact is that they cant connect users via VPN, essentually, you cant LAN over the internet. Features include an in-game web browser, support with aim/msn/facebook chat/google talk and so on in our im client, the party system is really a vpn tool, etc. Other benefits are that with Evolve, there will be functions to connect you to new people, a ladder system, even machmaking. So, you can be paired up with the right skill level of people, with the right game, to have an even, and fun-filled match.

    Evolve isn't available just yet, but it is in closed beta and is under very active development.
    The next version of the client is 0.9.5... It fixes a fair number of crashes, replaces a good chunk of our networking layer such that parties should be able to more reliably connect players behind firewalls, adds the ability to select text in the built-in web browser, adds support for warcraft 3 to the overlay, and a few other various fixes... it's basically a polishing release.

    Unfortunatley, Evolve does need international cap to loginto the main servers, to assign IP's etc.
    Have any more questions? Feel free to ask away.
    Otherwise, I personally have 10 Beta invites to give to the first set of people to ask. So, if you feel that you want to take on the Beta testing, PM me, and I will invite you.

    Join out IRC Channel: #evolvehq
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    Hi all. Nemeses just mentioned he posted here, and I thought I'd take the time to register and introduce myself. I'm one of the programmers on the Evolve team, as well as a programmer for LAN Bridger (Evolve and LAN Bridger are made by the same company).

    As was mentioned above, Evolve is basically LAN Bridger specifically tailored for gaming. It includes an IM client similar to Pidgin, the core of the LAN Bridger VPN tool, an ingame web browser, and a gaming activity feed. It also tracks the hours you spend playing games. Eventually, we plan on incorporating matchmaking tools (based on player ratings) and a tournament system.

    Evolve does currently require international bandwidth to work, which we realize is a less-than-ideal situation for a lot of people in South Africa. We'd like to remedy the problem by hosting a dedicated Evolve server locally in South Africa, but our team is still quite small and that requires some re-engineering of our server architecture to work. If there's enough interest, we can see about prioritizing getting a South Africa specific server up and running. As is, we'd love to do it but we're just not sure when it will happen.

    Let me know if you have any questions about Evolve. We'd love to hear your feedback.

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    Bump :P I am beta testing evolve. And i must say.. ITS AWESOME!! Hasnt anyone here wanted to try it out? If you are beta testing it, then tell us and everyone else how you feel about it! As said, just PM Nemeses for an invite, but you guys should know that there is only a limited amount of people that Nemeses can invite so.. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! and say how you feel about evolve here..

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    Is the VPN traffic routed locally or internationally?



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