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Thread: GW2 - Glimpse of the Thief and Crafting info

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    Default GW2 - Glimpse of the Thief and Crafting info

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    OMG the thief looks EPIC... from reading the blurb they sound like improved sins
    Quote Originally Posted by Archer View Post
    And then there will be zero players!! DOOMED!!!!

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    Haha, the thief in that first pic looks like one super sneaky fellow. To be honest I don't like the sound of playing a 'thief' myself, but the classes are certainly shaping up to make a really interesting game

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    Here is a youtube more indepth look at the Norn Guardian and Thief. The Thief only comes in #3 of the 3 part Pax East series. This vid begins off with the Norn Starting Point and character creation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ncwx5..._order&list=UL
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