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Thread: My ADSL story

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    Default My ADSL story


    Firstly, this is only my 3rd post, but I do visit the site at least twice a day when at the office. Got my vote for one of the most worthwhile SA site’s available.

    By the way - Just had to reset my MyADSL password and had the strangest experience with web(spam) - asked me for my BEE status before reactivating my account which has not been accessed in 3 months ?? Huh ?

    Anyway, that is not why I am writing. I just wanted to share my own personal experience with our friends at Telkom.

    I first made use of the wonderful Telkom online offering about 8 years ago as a student with a stock standard Telkom landline and a 33 600 modem while living in a cockroach infested flat in Arcadia, Pta.

    I mostly used this connection to satisfy my then newfound obsession with online (starless nipples) porn. I cancelled this wonderful service after about 3 months when I realized I could no longer afford other basic necessities like Sta-Soft, to keep my clothes static free and smelling like that mom of that cute kid on the TV add.

    Anyway, had my Telkom line re-installed 2 years later when I moved to the suburbs, but later, due to some disagreement over my bill, cancelled this wonderful service.

    About 3 years ago I moved into my current, (architecturally) very unique, Pta East Tuscan townhouse.

    Applied for a normal landline and waited (will I never learn ?). Almost 18 months later, read in the Rapport that ADSL 384 with 2GB would cost me roughly R700 per month, and applied again. Two days later the guys were ready to install (seems that the cable infrastructure problems sorted themselves out quite unexpectedly). Got the line installed - took me 6 days and more than 30 phone calls to 4 different numbers to get the service activated and get my username and password.

    Four months down the line with an account averaging R950 per month, decided to admit defeat and call it day. Worst part, (I fell for the 24 month contract scheme etc) the whole thing (with 4 months subscription, installation, penalties etc) cost me in excess of R4500 (I am not joking).

    Got my 3G enabled Nokia 6680 during July of this year. My MTN cell phone account have exceeded R2500 per month for the last 4 months (frowned upon by most friends and family), but, know what…. I do not have a Telkom line in my house… and that makes me sleep easier at night…


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    I got the shock of my life when I got my first bill from Telkom. R1 814.00. I luckly did not sign a 24 month contract, so I can opt out when eva I want to.

    The thing that gets to me, I dont even have a phone in my house but yet I pay for the line???

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    My first Telkom Bill wa R2700, The cheap bastards charged me for a router, when i specificaly said i had my own.
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    Mine was inverse.. they charged rental only .. the then obligitory install fee came a month later.
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    Its very painfull to pay R92 every month for a phone line that I don't use. Thank you very much Telkom and ICASA. Hope you burn in hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VJB 449
    Its very painfull to pay R92 every month for a phone line that I don't use. Thank you very much Telkom and ICASA. Hope you burn in hell.
    With adsl you need to have a phone line even in Germany. It is not possible to get just adsl how ever if you are like me that live in Germany where we also get sdsl you don't need a phone because they come and install a whole new line just for the sdsl connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riaan_pta

    Firstly, this is only my 3rd post, bla bla bla bla

    About 3 years ago I moved into my current, (architecturally) very unique, Pta East Tuscan townhouse. bla bla bla

    Unique Tuscan, now that is funny ! ROTFLMAO
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