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Thread: Why are the grey rubber seals missing inside 2L Coke bottles?

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    Default Why are the grey rubber seals missing inside 2L Coke bottles?

    Don't know if anyone else has realised this as well but those grey inner seals in the caps have gone missing, as a result my coke has been getting flat a lot faster than it used to.

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    I noticed that the grey seals are missing from the caps lately, but the inside of the cap is also redesigned, obviously to exclude the grey inner. I have not noticed that any of the bottles got flat sooner than normal. If the seal was not as good as the older type, the bottles would have leaked and the contents would have been flat, so I guess the re-invented caps still work as intended. Maybe you just had one from a bad batch or the cap or bottle top was damaged. I have also had that once or twice long ago - either flat when you open it or not as fizzy at they usually are.
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    The newer caps have been redesigned.

    This is to cut costs - if they can cut out by not having any seals (as previously) that's a whole lot of machinery and workers they can get rid of.
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    Yep also noticed it, like Ook says its to save costs.

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    I suspect part of reason has to do with recycling. The insert is a different type of plastic to the cap itself.

    Not sure what they are going to to do with the "SMS the number on the inside of the cap" competitions though.

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    It saves the company millions. and some dude in their company made millions with the patent.
    They also reduced the amount of plastic at the bottom of the bottle.

    It was on mega factories. In hard times people get innovative.
    ( will find linky )

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    The inner section of the cap is extended to keep the seal.
    But yes a 2L will go flat if opened more than 5 times.

    Its also summer, and I always feel that Coke is watered down during the festive season or its just the weather.



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