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    Wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I got a Neotel line as at the time I thought it would be better and easier to install than Telkom. Since then I have had endless issues. They have replaced the handset twice, I cannot access the internet and makes calls at the same time which I was never informed of (so every time I use ftp someone seems to call when the transfer reaches 80% and it crashes), the dialer never works on my mac and the helpdesk can never get it right to mail it to me so I need to go to the help centre, etc (before this gets too long).

    My issue is now that I want to move to Telkom I am told the Neotel number cannot be moved to Telkom. All my company branding has this number and I thought this was exactly why number portability was introduced. Anyone have any ideas on what action I can take.


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    Well join the club. Well, maybe from the opposite side. Just phoned Neotel, because I want to port my Telkom number to them, to be told that prepaid Telkom numbers cannot be ported. how idiotic is that? In this day and age, with the technology we have, we still have half-brained people that only do half their job. Seriously, it is just a number, why is porting not possible? If you take me and GTO's cases, it means porting is possible in less than half the scenarios. Crazy.

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    Wiseman at the N1 City store told me it can be done. This is after the call centre told me prepaid Telkom numbers cannot be ported.

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    The problem is I'm pretty sure it can be done as number portability was forced onto cell contracts legally because of all the media you have printed and attached to your company so they argued that you technically "own" the number. I'm sure this would apply legally to these cases but want to see if anyone has gone this route already before I go in 'guns blazing'. I would imagine there standard reply is no it cannot be done until you mention CPA or lawsuit.

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    I'm waiting for them to launch their consumer wimax before porting my number. Should be soon.

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