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Thread: Neotel R799 24G 3G deal?? Hit or miss?

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    Question Neotel R799 24G 3G deal?? Hit or miss?

    Has anyone taken up the Neotel R799 deal? If so, what is it like so far? Is the speed/coverage good?

    Any suggestions on the best deal out there?

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    Burnt my fingers before, so no.

    Would like to see some feedback regarding this though.

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    Question: Do I need to pay monthly phone subscription to use this deal?

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    I still go with "Avoid Neotel like a rash!" and I can speak from experience!

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    I asked above question once before and still waiting for any response.

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    I phoned their support line.
    Good news, phone line subscription is not required. Buy a package and use it. Prepaid tarif apply after bundle run out (20c/MB - not bad).
    Bad news, I am in the coverage for phone line, but not for high-speed data.
    Bad news, modem from the deal do not support external antenna connector, so I cannot extend coverage. Router has, but in the price range R1400.

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